The 46 criminals locked up this month in Greater Manchester

It has been another busy month in Manchester’s courts.

From a former football prodigy to a convicted killer, they are among the 46 individuals who are starting lengthy terms behind bars this month.

Prison terms are handed out to the worst offenders. And Manchester Evening News reporters are on hand to cover the most serious cases.

Kyle Ratcliffe

Kyle Ratcliffe

The father of one of Brianna Ghey’s killers was told his son’s murder case provided ‘no excuse whatsoever’ for exposing himself in front of teenage college students waiting for the bus. Kyle Ratcliffe, 36, the dad of Eddie Ratcliffe, was jailed for 15 months[2] for masturbating while driving his Maserati past the same two 16-year-old girls on consecutive mornings in Salford[3], days before his son went on trial accused of Brianna’s murder.

He was also found to have secretly recorded a teenage girl getting changed in Cheshire. Ratcliffe, from Leigh, attended his son’s trial but was remanded in custody ahead of the sentencing of his son and Scarlett Jenkinson[4], the 16-year-olds who were both convicted of Brianna’s murder and handed life sentences.

Jenkinson must serve 22 years and Ratcliffe 20 years for their part in the horrific murder of the 16-year-old, who was stabbed 28 times in Culcheth Linear Park near Warrington in February last year.

Ratcliffe pleaded guilty to two counts of exposure and one count of taking an indecent image of a child, and was then sentenced.

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Alaa Atiah

A speeding university student killed a teenage cyclist after finishing a late night study session at the library. Alaa Attiah, 24, mowed down 19-year-old Cameron Pearman on the Princess Parkway after driving at about twice the speed limit in his Jaguar XF.

Cameron was cycling home to Moss Side[6] from his work in Altrincham[7] when he was killed, Manchester Crown Court[8] heard. He was cycling across the road when Attiah, from Whalley Range[9], crashed into him at about 55mph, in an area where the speed limit is 30mph.

Cameron suffered terrible injuries and was pronounced dead within 90 minutes of the collision, which occurred close to the junction with Platt Lane, at about 2.30am on Sunday, May 7, 2022. Attiah, who was in the final year of his Salford University[10] course and had been working in the library for ‘10 hours’, told police that he hadn’t seen Cameron.

But prosecutors said that if he’d have been driving at the correct speed, then the fatal collision could have been avoided. Attiah was sentenced to three years in prison, after he pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

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Gary Clifton

Gary Clifton, jailed for two years
Gary Clifton, jailed for two years

A career criminal from Manchester nicknamed ‘The Marigold Burglar’ is back behind bars after being linked to an array of goods stolen during a series of break-ins in Cheshire , 59, from Wythenshawe[12], has been jailed after his DNA was found on a water bottle.

It led police to secret payments from an auction house for stolen items. The investigation began in November 2022 following a series of burglaries in Poynton and Disley, close to the border with Stockport[13].

Cash and a number of ‘high-value’ antiques and pieces of pottery were taken.

Officers from Cheshire Police’s Macclesfield[14] CID trawled CCTV and carried out forensic enquiries. At around 5am on Sunday, January 15, they were alerted to a ‘suspicious man’ in the Coppice Road area of Poynton.

The force said officers ‘came across a man on a bicycle who was loitering in the area and matched the description of the suspect in the burglary series’.

He dumped the bike and fled on foot, but it was recovered, along with a water bottle mounted on the frame, on which traces of Clifton’s DNA were found.

The force said Clifton had had an ‘extensive history of offending’ and had previously gained the nickname of the ‘Marigold Burglar’ after a series of ‘high value’ break-ins in 2001 where he wore rubber gloves.

He was jailed for two years after pleading guilty to four counts of handling stolen property.

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Jordan O’Reilly

Jordan O’Reilly

A disqualified driver who was being chased by police smashed into a funfair and left a woman seriously injured. Jordan O’Reilly, 21, was attempting to evade police last October after failing to stop for officers on patrol.

Amid the pursuit, on October 7, he then began speeding and overtaking a number of other vehicles before he then abandoned the moving car in a bid to escape.

The vehicle then crashed into the funfair on Morris Street, Wigan[16], and hit two innocent members of the public. One woman was left with serious injuries.

After the dramatic incident, an investigation was launched O’Reilly was later identified as the driver and was arrested. After he was released on bail it was established O’Reilly had then attempted to engage others into assisting him in evading prosecution.

The 21-year-old, of Croal Avenue, Platt Bridge, has now been sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, driving without insurance, perverting the course of justice and failing to provide a specimen at Bolton[17] Crown Court.

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The Manchester drugs empire that has come crashing down

Safeer Ali, left; Suleman Hussain and Saif Majid, top row; and Awais Ali and Riheem Hatfield, bottom row
Safeer Ali, left; Suleman Hussain and Saif Majid, top row; and Awais Ali and Riheem Hatfield, bottom row

A prisoner ran a drugs empire from behind bars – while he spent 23 hours a day in his cell during the Covid lockdown. Safeer Ali, 41, was locked up in HMP Berwyn when he began sourcing cocaine, before passing details of customers, other dealers and quantities of substances to associates on the outside.

Eight other men – including his then-teenage cousin – were involved in the operation, which saw cocaine and heroin flogged on the streets of Manchester through the ‘Bullet’ drugs line. All nine men have now faced justice at Manchester Crown Court[19].

Safeer Ali sourced the drugs as he pulled the strings from prison. Amir Shah, 30, played a similar role, organising the sale of cannabis with other dealers – also while he was in prison. Suleman Hussain, 30, was involved at a wholesale level and acted as a ‘street dealer’.

Riheem Hatfield, a cousin of Safeer Ali’s, was 16 at the time when he became involved in the operation as a seller, before the now 20-year-old went on to supply to other dealers. Awais Ali, another cousin of Safeer Ali, acted in an ‘organisational role’.

Jebrill Mukhtar, Omar Alkhweldi, Hayday Naheem and Saif Majid dealt on the streets. Manchester Crown Court heard Safeer Ali used a phone from his cell, frequently calling and messaging the other men – and other dealers – during the Covid pandemic.

“At that time prisoners were kept in their cell for 23 hours a day,” Ms Johnson said.

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Sukora Ingram

Sukora Ingram

An American mum ended up in a British jail after being stopped with more than £200,000 worth of cannabis at Manchester Airport[21]. Mother-of-four Sukora Ingram said she’d been offered money to take a suitcase with her.

But when border officials seized the package it was found to contain more than 12 kilos of cannabis. At first she denied all knowledge of the suitcase but ultimately pleaded guilty.

Ingram, 32, who has been diagnosed with cancer, could be deported and reunited with her children in the coming weeks.

Read the full story here.[22]

Ian Connell

Ian Connell

A drug addict who strangled a much loved dad to death must serve at least 19 years in prison. Ian Connell, 39, was handed a life sentence after being unanimously convicted of murdering 45-year-old university graduate Donald ‘Prentice’ Patience.

Connell killed dad-of-three Mr Patience in a rage, after he had stopped giving him money. Mr Patience’s body was only discovered about two days after he was thought to have been killed, after Connell was seen breaking into his victim’s home and leaving with his pet dog.

Officers discovered Mr Patience’s body in his home on Ainsworth Road in Radcliffe[23], Bury[24], after being called to reports of a burglary at about 11am on Tuesday, August 22 last year. Manchester Crown Court[25] heard that Connell treated Mr Patience’s body in a ‘very undignified way’ after the killing, spraying him with air spray and placing him inside a duvet cover before trying to move the body upstairs.

He was eventually found at the bottom of the stairs. When questioned at the scene Connell lied to police, falsely claiming his victim was in Scotland.

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Mohammad Arif

Mohammad Arif

A drug mule was caught with 30 kilos of cannabis at Manchester Airport[27] following a row over a boxing match. Mohammad Arif, 27, became involved in the smuggling plot after a ‘dispute’ related to a charity boxing bout, Manchester Crown Court[28] heard.

Arif flew out to Thailand in December last year, and a week later returned with a suitcase containing 30 kilos of the class B drug. He was stopped at customs and detained.

Arif was paid £2,000, and his flights and accommodation during his stay in south east Asia were also covered. He refused to name who else had been involved in the scheme.

Arif, of Waterloo Road, Cheetham Hill[29], pleaded guilty to fraudulently evading the prohibition on importing a class B drug. He was sentenced to 14 months in prison, and will serve half of his sentence in jail.

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Kofi Taylor

Kofi Taylor

A rapist committed a ‘horrific’ violent sexual attack on a child while on bail for another allegation of rape. Kofi Taylor has now been jailed for life after leaving his victim ‘in terror’.

Taylor, from Salford[31], let himself into the girl’s home before she was woken up and repeatedly raped, Manchester Crown Court heard. He punched her several times during the ordeal, which lasted for up to 90 minutes.

Crack cocaine addict Taylor, 48, who was previously jailed for a decade for raping a man in the 1990s, was on bail at the time for a separate allegation of rape, which he was ultimately cleared of. A judge jailed Taylor for life after ruling he will ‘always’ pose a risk of danger.

Read the full story here.[32]

Tom Ferguson

Tom Ferguson

A drunk BMW driver mowed down and killed a ‘fit and healthy’ 77-year-old man following a four-day binge. Tom Ferguson was staying at the Premier Inn hotel in Stockport[33] when staff told him to leave because of his intoxicated behaviour.

They found nine empty bottles of Captain Morgan’s rum in his room. After leaving the hotel, on the A6 Buxton Road, 29-year-old Ferguson was seen staggering into his white BMW 1 Series before driving away.

Moments later, as and his wife were walking back to their car after a hospital appointment, Ferguson mounted the pavement and hit the beloved husband.

Ferguson drove off, chased by a member of the public, before crashing into a lamppost nearby. He pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving; driving without insurance; driving while uninsured; and failing to stop after a road accident.

Ferguson was jailed for 12 years at Minshull Street Crown Court on Friday (March 8).

Read the full story here.[34]

Abuzahra Rabea

Abuzahra Rabea

A woman was subjected to a ‘humiliating’ sexual assault by a stranger in the Gay Village on New Year’s Eve. Abuzahra Rabea, 27, attacked the young woman without warning as she walked along the street with friends.

Rabea, a total stranger, approached her before he ‘shoved’ his hand up her skirt and forcefully groped her. After the ‘shocking’ attack, Rabea allegedly said he ‘could do what he wants’ and that he can ‘touch who he wants’.

Rabea, an asylum seeker who arrived in the UK on a small boat from France, was on ‘immigration bail’ while his application remained outstanding. He has now been jailed for 18 months.

Read the full story here.[35]

Samir Al Tawel

A brave rape victim told of her ongoing pain and anguish as a man who attacked her in a city centre after a night out was jailed.

Samir Al Tawel, 28 and from Oldham[36], denied two counts of rape and theft – forcing the young woman to relive her ordeal at his hands in a court trial. But he was found guilty by a jury and was today starting a 12-year prison sentence.

The victim, a woman aged in her 20s, compiled a statement that was read out in court before Al Tawel was sentenced, in which she said she hasn’t been able to tell her mum or sisters. She said the rape had affected her ‘every single way that it could have…physically, mentally, emotionally.”

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Nathaniel Conteh

Nathaniel Conteh

A businessman who made a ‘catastrophic’ decision after his firm was affected by a flood and debts has been jailed for a decade. Nathaniel Conteh, 43, turned to drug dealing after experiencing problems with his business.

He was found out following the law enforcement hacking of the EncroChat network, a shady communications system used by criminals who believed it allowed them to offend with impunity. But Conteh, from Whitefield[38], Bury[39], was among the latest to be prosecuted as a result of his own messages.

Judge Nicholas Dean KC jailed Conteh for 10 years. Conteh’s co-defendant, 52-year-old Stephen Sharples, from Radcliffe[40], Bury, was also jailed for 10 years for drug dealing on EncroChat.

Read the full story here.[41]

Petula Hatzer

Petula Hatzer
Petula Hatzer

A carer stole more than £20,000 from a severely disabled woman she was looking after. Petula Hatzer was employed by the victim’s family for 17 years.

At one point, she was tasked with managing her finances. The victim – who has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and dystonia – is non-verbal and requires 24-hour attention from live-in carers, Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

Prosecutors believe Hatzer took more than £20,000 between 2015 and 2018, though the exact amount is unknown. She made credit accounts to nine different stories, also including Curvissa and Freemans.

She was jailed for just under a year and two months.

Read the full story here.[42]

The gangsters who ran ‘truly massive’ criminal network

Top left to right: Stephen Stockall, Andrew Stephens, Daryl Preston, Scott Owen and Cain Turner; bottom left to right: Michael Evans, Reece Barnes, Thomas Whittaker and Anthony Warhurst

A drug-dealer who arranged the importation of vast quantities of cocaine into the UK has been jailed for 20 years.

Andrew Stephens, 41, was one of nine men handed jail terms totalling more than 100 years on Thursday after their roles in a massive £53 million nationwide cocaine supply plot – described in court as an ‘Amazon-style’ dealing network – were laid bare following a drug seizure in the Lake District.

During the 15-month criminal enterprise, cocaine weighing more than 300kg was imported into UK ports, warehoused and then distributed to towns and cities across England, Wales and Scotland by organised crime group (OCG) members seeking to rake in vast profits.

Read the full story here.[43]

Raymond Willan

A paedophile pensioner has been locked up after sexually abusing a boy for more than a decade. The crimes of Raymond Willan, 78, from Eccles[44], were uncovered when the victim bravely reported the abuse.

An investigation was launched, before Willan was arrested and later pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual assault on a child under 13, two counts of sexual activity with a child aged 13-16 and possession of extreme pornography.

He was jailed at Manchester Crown Court[45] on March 12 for eight years. Specialist GMP investigators have since praised the young victim for his bravery in reporting the abuse – that went on for more than ten years.

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Michael Cheetham

Michael Cheetham, of Rochdale, has been jailed
Michael Cheetham, of Rochdale, has been jailed

A burglar raided a priest’s home while he slept before stealing his car. Michael Cheetham, 43, was one of three men involved in the despicable crime, taking a Peugeot 5008 from outside Father Simon Firth’s home, Minshull Street Crown Court[47] heard on March 14.

Prosecuting, Satpal Roth said Fr Firth was asleep at the presbytery of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, on Kingsway, when the crooks struck after 11pm last August 29. Ms Roth described how two of the men ‘circled’ the car before approaching the presbytery.

They entered the priest’s home and took the keys to the Peugeot, before stealing the car. Cheetham then drove the car away despite being disqualified from driving, the court[48] heard.

He burgled the Westway Nissan showroom ‘directly opposite the church’, taking a computer and monitor.

Cheetham, of Merefield Avenue, Rochdale, was sentenced to three years and two months.

Read the full story here.[49]

Martin Smith and Jake McAllister

Jake McAllister (left) and Martin Smith (right)
Jake McAllister (left) and Martin Smith (right)

A cash-in-transit operator has spoken out after he was robbed by two masked men. Martin Smith, 28, and Jake McAllister, 27, had previously broken into the Aldi supermarket in Rochdale[50], stealing over £1,000 worth of booze.

Stashing it nearby, they came across the operator as he was moving a cash box worth £35,000 from his van to the Nationwide Building Society in the town centre. They threatened to stab him if he didn’t hand over the box.

He threw the box to the ground before the pair ran away with it.

Smith, of Belfield Road, and McAllister, of Mentmore Road, were both jailed for two years and ten months for offences of robbery and burglary.

Read the full story here.[51]

Ibrahim Ali Ahmed

A ‘volatile’ career criminal grabbed a blind man’s head before pushing him into some bins and stealing more than £600 from him during a shocking attack in Piccadilly Gardens[52].

On January 15 last year, Ibrahim Ali Ahmed targeted his elderly victim, who is registered as blind. The victim came face-to-face with Ahmed, who grabbed his head and pushed him into some nearby bins, stealing £648 from him that he had withdrawn from his bank that day.

The victim immediately rang the police and officers from GMP’s Operation Vulcan, who are currently deployed in Piccadilly Gardens, conducted extensive CCTV enquiries and were able to identify a suspect.

Ahmed, 24, of no fixed abode, has been jailed for 32 months after pleading guilty to robbery.

Read the full story here.[53]

Jacob Graham

Baby-faced college student, Jacob Graham, who wrote bomb ‘how to guides’ from his mum’s house[54] has been jailed.

Then a teenager, he warned of the ‘carnage’ he would commit in a chilling video recorded from his bedroom, was motivated by a hatred for the government and planned to kill 50 or more people in a ‘bombing campaign’.

A major investigation into Graham, 20, who went by Destro the Destroyer online, led police to uncover a huge number of manuals, instructions, and publications which Graham had collected, and which were intended to provide instruction on how to manufacture firearms, ammunition and explosives.

Graham was found guilty of the preparation of terrorist acts; two counts of dissemination of terrorist publications and four counts of possession of material likely to be useful to a terrorist.

He was jailed for 13 years and ordered to serve five years on licence upon his release.

Read the full story here.[55]

Craig Hookham

Craig Hookham

A former employee of Manchester City, Sale[56] Sharks and Salford[57] Red Devils conned victims out of thousands of pounds by selling them fake concert and football tickets.

Craig Hookham, of Medlock Way in Whitefield[58], Bury[59] tricked more than 50 people across the globe into believing they were purchasing concert tickets for artists, including Adele and Justin Timberlake, and seats at a number of football and rugby matches at venues all over the country. Only 45 of his victims were able to be traced, Manchester Crown Court[60] heard.

Hookham was jailed for 28 months after pleading guilty to two counts of fraud by false representation.

Read the full story here.[61]

Kaylan Lee

Kaylan Lee
Kaylan Lee

A young man has been jailed for over a ‘deeply unpleasant’ campaign of violence and threats against a girl. Kaylan Lee, now 19, defied two court orders to continue to terrorise the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, either threatening her or physically attacking her, a court heard.

The courageous victim, who he once urged to ‘kill yourself’, went to the police and said: “Enough is enough. It’s gone too far. I can see how this is going to end.”

Last year Lee, from Wythenshawe[62], was handed a community sentence for his vile behaviour but now, after repeatedly breaching restraining orders designed to protect the woman, a judge has dismissed his plea for a ‘second last chance’ and handed him a custodial sentence.

He was jailed for a year-and-a-half.

Read the full story here.[63]

Sediq Ali

Sediq Ali
Sediq Ali

A man who tried to rape a woman in Salford has been jailed for six years. Sediq Ali, 34, threatened the victim before subjecting her to a “degrading” and “humiliating” attack at an address in the city on October 30, 2020. Officers were called to the incident several hours later.

Ali, of Waldrons Moor, Birmingham, was sentenced at Minshull Street Crown Court. He had previously been found guilty of attempted rape.

In addition to his prison sentence, Ali will also be required to sign the sex offenders register and will be subject to a restraining order.

Read the full story here.[64]

Kashif Jhangir and Kamran Jhangir

Brothers Kashif Jhangir (left) and Kamran Jhangir

A pair of brothers that reigned over an organised crime gang that supplied class A drugs across Greater Manchester have had their network blown open.

Organised crime gang boss Kamran Jhangir and his brother, Kashif Jhangir were jailed on Wednesday (March 20) along with four of their associates, according to police.

The Jhangir brothers supplied crack and heroin through a dedicated drug line and used fake lighters to avoid detection when stopped by officers.

On September 8 2022, officers conducted simultaneous warrants in Harpurhey[65] and Bolton[66] where a large-scale drug operation was discovered being ran from a garage.

Both the Jhangir brothers’ phones were seized and revealed the pair were plotting with a number of individuals to sell class A drugs.

Kamran Jhangir, 31,of Champneys Walk, Manchester, has now been sentenced to 10 years for conspiracy to supply class A drugs heroin and cocaine, possession of criminal property and possession with intent to supply class A drugs heroin and cocaine.

His brother Kashif Jhangir, 33, of Glenburn Street, Bolton, was sentenced to six years four months for conspiracy to supply class A drugs heroin and cocaine.

Their associates Mohammed Nivyaan Maskeen, Eugen-Dan Preda, Rebin Khoshnaw and Ali Alawadie have also been jailed with the OCG’s six members receiving a combined total of 37 years behind bars.

Read the full story here.[67]

Mostafa Al-Saleh

Mostafa Al-Saleh has been jailed for three years
Mostafa Al-Saleh, 24, has been jailed for three years

A ‘highly intelligent’ law student who beat up his wife in a university library, threatened to throw acid in her face, and vowed to kill their unborn child has been jailed.

Mostafa Al-Saleh, 24, subjected his victim to an abusive marriage where he would fly into fits of rage following drink and drug binges. During the course of their two-year relationship, which was described as being ‘toxic’, he would repeatedly slap her, lock her in their marital home and tell her what clothes she could wear and who she was allowed to see.

At Bolton Crown Court[68], Al-Saleh from Bolton admitted coercive behaviour, witness intimidation and possessing cannabis with intent to supply. He was jailed for three years.

Read the full story here.[69]

Jamie Cassidy

Jamie Cassidy was responsible for the distribution of cocaine across the north of England
Jamie Cassidy was responsible for the distribution of cocaine across the north of England

A former football prodigy has been jailed after organising the distribution of hundreds of kilos of cocaine across the UK in one of the largest drug rackets ever encountered.

Jamie Cassidy, now 46, an ex-Liverpool FC youth star, previously admitted his part in the multi-million pound drug operation, which shipped industrial amounts of cocaine from South America into Europe.

Led by his older brother Jonathan Cassidy, 50, alongside his business partner Nasar Ahmed, 51, the racket transported up to 356 kilos of the class A drug, with an estimated street value of £26 million, in hidden modified vehicles. Once the cocaine landed in the UK, Jamie Cassidy distributed it across the country through a network of trusted couriers.

Now the three have been jailed for a combined total of 55 years, after admitting their role in the operation.

Read the full story here.[70]

Lindbergh Arzu

Lindbergh Arzu (06/05/97) of an unknown address in the United States jailed for two years at Crown Square today for importing almost 250,000 pounds worth of cannabis into the UK.

An American drugs mule who tried to smuggle nearly a quarter of a million pounds worth of cannabis into the country claimed he was coming to Manchester because of United.

Lindbergh Arzu, 26, who is from California in the US, was offered a ‘financial reward’ to act as a courier and deliver more than 40kg of drugs. However, he has now been jailed after ‘inconsistent answers’ at immigration raised the suspicions of officers, and his bags were searched.

There was a ‘strong smell of cannabis’ coming from them, Ms Gaskell said. And inside, 60 vacuum-packed bags of the Class B drug, weighing 40.37 kilos.

He was jailed for two years.

Read the full story here.[71]

David Farrington

David Farrington

A man has been jailed for going to a neighbour’s house to complain about the music before firing a shotgun into the ceiling. David Farrington, 68, pointed the weapon at his shocked neighbour, prompting a scuffle in which the gun went off, according to police.

Police were scrambled to the scene and Farrington, who was a registered firearms holder, was arrested. The shotgun was seized and during a search of his house, a further shotgun and several cartridges were found.

Farrington, of Heath Street, Golborne, was jailed for three years and four months at Bolton Crown Court.

Read the full story here.[72]

Paul Creedy

Paul Creedy
Paul Creedy

A convicted killer is back behind bars after raping a woman and a teenager. Paul Creedy, 31, met his first victim, a teenager, encouraging her back to join him for food, before plying her with cannabis and alcohol. Creedy raped her, subjecting her to a two-hour ordeal.

Months later, he met a woman who had been on a night out with friends. She was upset following a row and Creedy lied to the woman, claiming he knew her partner and would help find him.

Back at a flat, the woman sobbed as Creedy tried to assault her. He then went onto rape her at threatening to kill her with a knife if she didn’t stop crying.

Creedy was jailed for manslaughter in 2013 after he and four others attempted to rob Simon Brass, 40, before pushing him into a canal in Manchester in June 2012. He’s now been jailed for life.

Read the full story here.[73]

Jacob Richards

A teen gunman burst into a shop and opened fire as ‘gang rivalry’ spilled out into the streets of Stockport[74]. Jacob Richards, then just 15, fired a gun three times in a shop in Cheadle[75] Hulme[76], before shooting at a passing delivery driver who happened to witness his escape. No-one was hurt.

Richards, now 18, has been hauled before a court for an extraordinary catalogue of crimes, including involvement in an arson attack at a family home and a conspiracy to possess other firearms revealed by recordings of phone calls in prison.

Despite his tender age, prosecutors claimed he had become ‘firmly entrenched in a culture of gangs and guns’. He ‘bragged’ about his crimes in raps, also captured on calls recorded from jail, Manchester Crown Court[77] heard.

Read the full story here.[78]

Iain Nash

Iain Nash
Iain Nash

A cyber forensics expert has been branded a danger to children after he was caught with a ‘horrific’ stash of child pornography on his computer.

Iain Nash, 46, was only caught after he accidentally handed in a hard-drive device when he gave his notice at work, a court heard. Suspicions were raised when the dad-of-one sent a frantic message to a colleague pleading ‘If you’ve already imaged it, I’d be obliged if you would delete the image. I’ll be in the office in two hours’.

But the vile images of youngsters being abused by paedophiles were uncovered on the device and Nash, a cyber forensics expert who sold IT software to UK police forces, Interpol and the FBI, was arrested. Officers seized his phone and 35 other devices and found 1,123 horrific pictures – some including a 12 month baby – plus others featuring girls aged between four and six being raped.

Read the full story here.[79]

Khan Gorgulu

The head of a drugs gang was nailed after taking a selfie of himself in the dentist’s chair. The image was sent by Khan Gorgulu to his crime partner – and was then used by police to identify him and prove his involvement in suppying cocaine and cannabis to Alderley Edge.

Now Gorgulu, 23, of Red Bank, Manchester, has been jailed for six years and six months after being found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs following an eight-day trial at Chester Crown Court.

The criminal he sent the selfie to on a burner phone, Giovanni Spada, 37, of Shaw Drive, Knutsford, was jailed for six years in October last year after admitting conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs.

Read the full story here.[80]


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