BMW driver dealt instant car-ma after flying past motorists at breakneck speed before violently crashing

A BMW driver was dealt a dose of instant car-ma after flying past cars on the motorway at a ludicrously fast speed before crashing just moments later. 

The incident was caught on the dashcam of just one of the cars that the blue BMW[1] overtook during its race along the A40 on Friday afternoon. 

The German motor flew past at speeds that appeared to be in excess of 100mph, before the filming motor rounded a corner just down the road to find the car in a wreck. 

Video footage of the incident shows the BMW speeding past a queue of traffic on the three-lane motorway, weaving in and out of lanes as it overtakes several cars[2].  

The blue BMW reached speeds in excess of 100Mph.

The blue BMW reached speeds in excess of 100Mph.

Almost as soon as it appears in frame, it’s gone again, showing the terrifying speed it was travelling at.  

The BMW disappears around a corner in the distance ahead after narrowly avoiding other motorists[3].  

The video then speeds up as the car recording the incident catches up to where the BMW disappeared from view.  

Passing under a bridge and round a gentle left-hand turn the motorist recording the incident then discovers their fellow driver’s[4] fate. 

On the side of the road in a mangled heap, the blue BMW can be seen, smashed to bits and bent out of shape, it appears to have crashed just after the gentle left turn. 

The filming car passes slowly with bits of the wrecked speeder’s motor littering the left lane of the road.  

A van appears to have pulled over to assist the BMW driver and several men can be seen around the car working to assist the crashed motorist[5].  

It’s unclear at this time whether the driver of the BMW or anyone else was injured in the crash.  

The footage of the incident was shared to social media on Saturday with the caption: “A BMW driving at high speeds on the A40 yesterday afternoon crashed shortly after, as seen on this dashcam footage – crazy.”  

One user, enraged at the BMW[6] driver’s reckless actions said: “A***holes like him walk away from accidents and innocent people end up getting hurt by scumbag drivers like this one in the video.”  


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