Locked up in 2021: Faces and stories of 111 criminals justice caught up with in first half of year

Killers, sex attackers, child abusers, international drug smugglers are among those now serving time in prison for crimes committed on Teesside.

Shocking cases have come before the courts over the past 12 months with some leading to sentences of life imprisonment being handed down.

Among those jailed in the first half of the year were vile Anthony Hart who killed a man before setting fire to his body; Christmas burglar Thomas Nixon who left a family in “sheer terror” as he tried to stab one of the parents in front of their child; and businessman and rapist Christopher Todd who raped a young boy when he was only a teenager himself.

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Teesside Live has brought you coverage of the most high-profile trials and then the jail terms and mugshots of those found guilty of the heinous crimes.

Here’s a look back at all of the cases our reporters covered between January and June 2021:

January 2021

James McStravick

Drink driver James McStravick, who helped himself to a care company’s car during the coronavirus pandemic[2] while claiming to look after his mother, was locked up.

The 24-year-old took police on a high speed chase after taking the keys to the Toyota from woman’s home.

Teesside Crown Court[3] heard the vehicle belonged to a company called Home Care, which transports elderly adults and people with mental health conditions.

The defendant pulled out in front of police in the North Road area of Darlington, causing them to brake to avoid a collision.

The vehicle which McStravick was driving, had no lights on and was swerving all over the road, the court heard.

McStravick failed to pull over, despite officers activating their blue lights, and was driving on the wrong side of the road.

A second police vehicle got involved and was led on a pursuit by McStravick, who was driving at 40mph in a 30mph area.

He went on to increase his speed to 60mph and the chase only came to an end when the tyre came off the vehicle.

McStravick was found to be over twice the drink drive limit.

McStravick, of Lismore Drive, Darlington[4], pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol.

He also admitted driving with no insurance, driving whilst disqualified and aggravated twoc.

He was jailed for two years.[5]

Thomas Hoe

Thomas HoeThomas Hoe

James McStravick was jailed for two years

Banned driver Thomas Hoe, who led police on a high-speed chase while over the limit, was locked up.

The 36-year-old was arrested following a chase during which he reached speeds of 90mph in a 40mph zone.

The pursuit began on May 18 last year after Hoe’s car caught the attention of officers on Station Road in Redcar[6], due to poor parking.

Hoe, of High Street, Eston[7], pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and drink-driving.

He was jailed for 20 months.[8]

Ricky Hough

Ricky HoughRicky Hough

Thomas Hoe -Credit:Cleveland Police

A ‘professional’ heroin dealer Ricky Hough once named as a ‘regional supplier’ is back in prison after again being caught with drugs and illegal money.

Police found heroin and cannabis, a Taser, and large sums of cash in a raid on the 34-year-old’s Stockton[9] home on May 15 last year.

He was charged possession of heroin with intent to supply, possession of criminal property, possession of a prohibited weapon, possession with intent to supply cannabis and production of a class C drug.

Hough, of Brusselton Court, was jailed for six years.[10]

Courts have previously heard how the dealer has made large sums from his illegal operations.

He was jailed for six years in 2017[11] after a red plastic bin containing a red JD Sports bag containing £35,000 of heroin and £5,000 in cash, several gold rings and digital scales was found in his home.

Connor Gent

Connor GentConnor Gent

Ricky Hough -Credit:Cleveland Police

Attacker Connor Gent, who kicked a man in the head with all his “might” and left him with a fractured skull and knee following a joint assault, was locked up.

The 22-year-old carried out the sickening attack alongside another older man on April 30, last year.

Gent’s co-accused[12] was jailed for 18 months at a previous hearing for his part in the offence.

The attack happened in an alleyway behind Barclays Bank on Queen Street, Redcar[13], close to the junction with Station Road, in the seaside town.

Nigel Soppitt, prosecuting, said the victim was walking near Queen Street when he came across Gent and the other man.

“He saw both defendants and knew them, they stopped him and asked for money, he said he had none”, he said.

Gent and his co-accused said that the victim owed them money, which he “disputed”.

The man was “fearful” they would both be violent and so ran away down a nearby alleyway, with Gent and his fellow attacker following.

Mr Soppitt said that the other man slammed the victim against a wall, causing him to fall to the ground.

It was then that Gent ran at him and “kicked him with significant force to the head while he was prone on the floor”.

As the man lay injured, the attackers told him: “We’ve left you for dead”.

The court was told the victim suffered a fracture to his left knee cap, a fracture to his skull and cuts to his head.

Gent, of Yeoman Street, Skelton, was jailed for three years.[14][15]

Michael Hornsby

Michael HornsbyMichael Hornsby

Connor Gent

Robber Michael Hornsby was locked for a terrifying knifepoint robbery.

The 29-year-old entered a house on Cranbourne Terrace in Stockton[16] on November 6 and demanded money from the man inside.

When his victim refused, Hornsby punched him in the face and tried to stab him with a knife.

His victim then handed over £10 and Hornsby left.

Hornsby, of Hartington Road in Stockton, pleaded guilty to robbery and possession of a bladed article at Teesside Crown Court[17].

He was sentenced to four years and 10 months in prison.[18]

Daniel Pearson

Daniel PearsonDaniel Pearson

Michael Hornsby -Credit:Cleveland Police

Builder Daniel Pearson, who sexually abused a young girl, was caged.

The 38-year-old committed the sickening offences between 2014 and 2016, with his victim turning to alcohol and self-harm in later life.

Teesside Crown Court heard the victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, came forward to police when she was an adult.

Pearson, who had no previous convictions, denied two charges of sexual activity with a child, but was found guilty after a trial.

Pearson, from Marske, was jailed for three years.[19][20]

Andrew Limon

Andrew LimonAndrew Limon

Daniel Pearson

Sex attacker Andrew Limon, who abused a young girl decades ago, was also caged.

Justice finally caught up with the 41-year-old for “distressing”, historic sexual offences against a child.

The terrified youngster kept quiet about the abuse for many years before courageously coming forward.

Limon, was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault, after maintaining his innocence throughout the trial.

Limon, of Staindale Road, Stockton, was jailed for four years.[21]

Jordan Easby

Jordan EasbyJordan Easby

Andrew Limon -Credit:Cleveland Police

Drug dealer Jordan Easby, who was caught red handed, is starting a lengthy period behind bars.

The 26-year-old was found to be dealing the banned substance in 2019 and played a “significant role” in the distribution.

A judge said he was caught in “a fairly blatant attempt to make money by selling class A drugs”.

He was one of four robbers caged over an armed robbery[22] where a fake gun was pointed at a shop worker’s head.

The quartet, who were all travelling in a Peugeot, pulled up outside the shop on Station Road in Eaglescliffe[23] on the morning of September 9, 2019.

Easby, of HMP Holme House,[24] remained in the back seat and opened the door of the car when the others returned after the crime.

He was sentenced to three years and four months in prison for that offence.

For the latest sentencing he pleaded guilty to one count of possession with intent to supply a class A drug.

He was jailed for two years and six months[25].

Jordan Lee Shipman

Jordan Lee ShipmanJordan Lee Shipman

Jordan Easby -Credit:Cleveland Police

Paedophile Jordan Lee Shipman who sent naked pictures of himself to what he believed was a young teenage boy over dating app Grindr was caged.

The 26-year-old thought he was sending explicitly sexual messages to a 14-year-old boy while on the app, but was in fact talking to an adult man.

He attempted to arrange a meeting with the decoy while sending messages to him on October 31, last year.

Shipman, of Mansfield Avenue, Thornaby[26], appeared at Teesside Crown Court[27] where he was sentenced for arranging to facilitate a child sex offence, attempting to communicate with a child and breaching a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO).

He was given an extended prison sentence[28], meaning he must serve four years in prison before being released and then serve a further four years on licence.

Shelley Anne Hill

Shelley HillShelley Hill

Jordan Lee Shipman

Mother Shelley Anne Hill, who burgled the home of a man with terminal cancer and stole his mobile phone and bank cards, was locked up.

The 43-year-old had become acquainted with the severely ill man through a friend before committing the heartless offences on January 13, last year.

She stole the possessions from underneath his pillow, before using his bank cards to purchase items.

Hill, of Roseberry Road, Berwick Hills[29], appeared at Teesside Crown Court[30] via video link from HMP Low Newton.

She was jailed for two years[31] for fraud and burglary.

February 2021

Adam Richardson

Banned driver Adam Richardson who pretended he wasn’t behind the wheel after smashing into a tree and leaving his passengers seriously injured was jailed.

The 33-year-old was driving a stolen Ford Focus when it collided with a tree on Hesleden Road, near Blackhall Colliery, north of Hartlepool[32].

He encouraged the passengers, who had suffered extensive injuries in the crash, to deny that he was behind the wheel.

Instead he claimed he had been a rear seat passenger and that the driver had fled the scene.

One of the Richardson’s back seat passengers is not expected to ever walk again.

Richardson, previously of of Dene Avenue, Peterlee, and more recently of Little Eden in the town, pleaded guilty to three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

He was jailed for five years and 11 months.[33]

Richard West

Richard WestRichard West

Shelley Hill

Child sex attacker Richard West was caged after he admitted assaulting a young girl.

The 65-year-old told the youngster to keep quiet after the assaults and has been branded “disgraceful” by a senior detective.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of sexually assaulting a girl under 13 by touching.

West, of no fixed abode but previously of Hartlepool, was sentenced to five years in prison[34] and was ordered to sign the sex offenders register indefinitely.

William Jewitt

William JewittWilliam Jewitt

Adam Richardson

“Creepy and weird” William Jewitt who sexually assaulted two children after pretending to be a helpful gardener was caged.

The pensioner became acquainted with parishioners of a Middlesbrough [35]church and would attend lunch clubs where children were regularly present.

Known as “Billy”, in the community, the 80-year-old also carried out gardening work for a family with children after they considered him a “lonely” man.

But Jewitt failed to mention he was a serious sex offender who had a history of continually breaching an indefinite sexual harm prevention order (SHPO).

Jewitt appeared at Teesside Crown Court[36] via link from HMP Durham to be sentenced for two counts of sexual assault of a child as well charges relating to breaching his SHPO.

The court heard that between May and July, 2019, Jewitt regularly attended the lunch club at a church in Grove Hill[37], despite his order banning him from doing so due to the presence of children.

Jewitt presented himself as a “keen gardener” and offered to carry out work on the church grounds.

On July 12, a child was playing in the church when Jewitt approached them and touched them inappropriately.

The court heard that a woman saw what happened and she immediately “froze” and felt “disgusted”.

Jewitt was jailed for five and a half years.[38]

Aaron McCall

Aaron McCallAaron McCall

Richard West -Credit:Cleveland Police

Violent sex attacker Aaron McCall who lured a woman to a secluded underpass before violently beating her with a dog chain was jailed.

The 29-year-old encountered the heavily intoxicated woman in Stockton[39] town centre before guiding her to an underpass on the premise of sharing a crack-pipe.

He pinned the vulnerable victim against a wall, beat her with a dog chain and assaulted her while calling her derogatory names.

McCall appeared at Teesside Crown Court[40] via video link from HMP Durham to be sentenced for sexual assault and aggravated bodily harm.

Prosecutor Shaun Dodds said the attack was carried out at 1am on August 11, last year, as the woman was walking through Stockton town centre.

“The complainant had earlier had an argument with her boyfriend and they had gone their separate ways”, Mr Dodds said.

“She had consumed three litres of cider and used crack-cocaine and saw a male wearing black who seemed to know her name.

“He had a dog with him and a dog lead. He asked her to walk with him to a cash point and share a crack-pipe.”

McCall then took the woman to a nearby underpass where he immediately hit her to the head with the dog chain and pushed her up against a wall.

McCall, of Smith Street, Stockton, was jailed for six years and 10 months.[41]

Thomas Nixon

Thomas NixonThomas Nixon

William Jewitt

Christmas burglar Thomas Nixon who left a family in “sheer terror” as he tried to stab one of the parents in front of their child was jailed.

The horrified family had woken to the sound of smashing glass as the 37-year-old forced his way into the Newport home in Middlesbrough[42] armed with a knife.

Nixon shouted up to the family to stay upstairs as they barricaded a bedroom door to try to keep their dog and child safe.

But Nixon managed to force the door open and tried to stab one of the occupants.

A detective compared the scene to a “nightmare”.

Nixon, from Middlesbrough, [43]then threatened the family and demanded they hand over mobile phones and valuable items which included irreplaceable items of sentimental value.

He fled the house with phones, jewellery and Christmas presents in December last year.

He was jailed for seven years[44] after pleading guilty to an aggravated burglary.

Thomas Watson

Thomas WatsonThomas Watson

Aaron McCall -Credit:Teesside Live

Convicted killer Thomas Watson who stole an expensive designer jacket and hundreds of pounds worth of booze to pay of a drug debt is back behind bars.

The 26-year-old was jailed after stealing a Moncler jacket worth £1,300 from Flannels in Middlesbrough[45] before going on to steal bottles of alcohol from different shops a month later.

He then made off from police during a separate incident and drove into head-on traffic at high speeds before smashing into a car on a roundabout.

It was the latest in a long line of offending for Watson, of Woodhouse Road, Guisborough[46], who was also jailed in 2017 for attacking a woman in front of her eight-year-old daughter[47].

Watson was jailed for 19 months[48] and banned from driving for three years.

Anthony Hart

Anthony HartAnthony Hart

Thomas Nixon -Credit:Cleveland Police

Vile Anthony Hart who killed a man before setting fire to his body is behind bars.

“Cruel and horrific” Hart stabbed 62-year-old Francis Betteridge in the neck four times on Friday, December 27, 2019.

Hart, 39, of Hartington Road, Stockton, denied murder but was found guilty by a jury following a trial at Teesside Crown Court.[49]

Hart, who was under the influence of a cocktail of drugs, had spent the evening with Mr Betteridge after being invited back to his South Bank[50] bungalow.

The pair sat and drank a large bottle of brandy before Hart carried out a violent and vicious killing.[51]

He stabbed Mr Betteridge, a vulnerable alcoholic, four times in the neck before dousing his lifeless body in the brandy they had been sharing and then setting him on fire.

Hart fled with Mr Betteridge’s wallet “burning a hole in his pocket” as emergency services fled to the scene.

And, unbelievably, soon after carrying out the gruesome crime, Hart went to satisfy his appetite.

He headed to a nearby takeaway close to the Premier shop on Normanby Road where he paid for a pizza and garlic chips using the money taken from the wallet he had stolen.[52]

Hart was jailed for life with a minimum term of 19 years and 322 days.[53]

The minimum sentence would have been 21 years but the time spent on remand was deducted.

Mark Lowis

Mark LowisMark Lowis

Thomas Watson

Vile pervert Mark Lowis who said he caught the flu from his victim after launching a sex attack was locked up.

Teesside Crown Court[54] heard how the 50-year-old farmer tried to intimately touch the woman from Teesside while she was feeling ill.

He then claimed he had caught the flu from her after the attack, the court heard.

Lowis, of Waterfoot Farm, Soulby, Cumbria, was jailed for three years[55] and made a restraining order banning him from contacting the victim indefinitely.

Anthony Richards

Anthony RichardsAnthony Richards

Anthony Hart -Credit:Cleveland Police

Danger driver Anthony Richards who was caught with white powder on his lips after tearing through central Middlesbrough[56] was jailed.

The 36-year-old led police on a 3.6 mile chase, speeding through residential streets, mounting pavements at rush-hour and even ran a red light in a desperate bid to get away.

Teesside Crown Court[57] heard Richards had been spotted by officers in Ayresome Street, near Albert Park,[58] at around 4pm on August 25 last year.

Prosecutor Jane Foley said the police had noticed a Ford car emerge from a side street with the bonnet not secured.

An officer tried to speak to Richards but he “accelerated away from him”.

A blue light chase followed with Richards, who was disqualified from driving, speeding above the 30mph limit through “highly congested residential areas”, while forcing his way through traffic.

At one point he even performed a handbrake turn.

When he was finally stopped Richards was found to have “slurred” speech and had white powder on his lips.

Richards, of Elmhurst Gardens, Hemlington[59], admitted charges of dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, driving without insurance and possession of a class C drug, Tamezepam.

He was jailed for 18 months[60] and was banned from driving for two years and nine months.

Jamie Hellings

Jamie HellingsJamie Hellings

Mark Lowis -Credit:Cleveland Police

Boozed-up Jamie Hellings who killed a 58-year-old grandad in a shooting in Carlin How[61] was jailed.

The 32-year-old dad “deliberately and recklessly” fired an air rifle out of a car window on Friday, August 21, last year.

He admitted the manslaughter of Christopher Kay[62] who died due to suffering serious chest injuries following the shooting on Brotton Road.

Dad-of-two Hellings, of Coronation Road, Loftus[63], also admitted one count of possession of a firearm without a certificate on the same date.

Teesside Crown Court heard how Mr Kay had gone about his daily life at a hospital appointment, having lunch with a friend and was gardening on the late August afternoon.

That was until Hellings discharged a fatal shot which would end the much-loved grandad’s life.[64]

Hellings was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison.[65]

He was also given a two-year concurrent sentence for possession of a firearm without a certificate.

Swara Jubrahil Mohammad

Swara Jubrahil MohammadSwara Jubrahil Mohammad

Anthony Richards -Credit:Cleveland Police

Stockton asylum seeker Swara Jubrahil Mohammad faces deportation after being jailed for raping a student.

The 23-year-old stood accused of raping a student above a Bishop Auckland takeaway shop, which happened over two years ago.

But despite his denials the sex attacker was convicted of rape by a jury after a three-day trial.

Court staff said an assault charge would be left to lie on file.

Mohammad, 23, of Yarm[66] Road, Stockton,[67] was jailed for 66 months. and was placed on the sex offenders register for life.

He was also warned he faces deportation when he is released from prison.

Christopher Todd

Christopher ToddChristopher Todd

Jamie Hellings -Credit:Cleveland Police

Businessman Christopher Todd was finally brought to justice after raping a young boy when he was only a teenager himself.

The 31-year-old sexually assaulted and raped the young boy as they played on a PlayStation in the early 2000s.

The attack left the victim living with years of “shame” and confusion as he struggled with family and personal relationships.

But Todd, who went on to run his own business and get married, was finally arrested over his crimes after a chance encounter with the now adult victim in a B&M store, in Darlington, in April 2019.

Todd, 31, appeared at Teesside Crown Court[68] to be sentenced for two counts of rape and two counts of sexual assault.

He had been found guilty after a trial.

Todd, of Durham Road, Darlington, “introduced himself” to the victim’s mum, leaving the victim “angry”.

After years of struggling to come to terms with his abuse, the victim decided to video Todd and confront him in order to extract some sort of apology.

But the confrontation ended up in a “scuffle”, the court heard.

Following the incident, the victim opened up to police about what Todd had done to him and told them he had been raped by him while the pair played computer games.

Todd was jailed for four years[69] and was placed on the sex offender register indefinitely.

Paul Fotheringham

Paul FotheringhamPaul Fotheringham

Swara Jubrahil Mohammad -Credit:Durham Constabulary

Drug dealer Paul Fotheringham who was caught with £24,000 worth of heroin after paramedics were called to his aid was locked up.

Paramedics[70] uncovered the rucksack filled with class A drugs[71], including heroin and cocaine, at the 52-year-old’s bedsit.

The street dealer’s decade long operation was busted after his neighbour called emergency services for help on November 7, last year.

He was found “slurring, sliding down the wall at his room on Southfield Road, Middlesbrough[72] and had white foam in his mouth” Teesside Crown Court[73] heard.

Fotheringham objected to an ambulance being called as he believed the police[74] would also be called to the address.

The court heard that he used drugs and was in drug debt.

Fotheringham gave his neighbour a bag, containing a large number of drugs, and told her to hide it.

The rucksack contained heroin and cocaine, valued at around £24,000, the court heard.

Fotheringham pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

He was jailed for two years and eight months.[75]

The Byng family

Christopher Byng, 38, Barbara Byng, 64, Linda Lane,36, and Anthony Byng, 66, submitted false gastric illness claims against Jet2holidaysChristopher Byng, 38, Barbara Byng, 64, Linda Lane,36, and Anthony Byng, 66, submitted false gastric illness claims against Jet2holidays

Christopher Todd -Credit:Durham Police

A family which fraudulently claimed their holiday was ruined by food poisoning has been jailed after snaps of them enjoying themselves in the pool were posted online.

Christopher Byng, 38, Barbara Byng, 64, Linda Lane,36, and Anthony Byng, 66, submitted false gastric illness claims against Jet2holidays following an all-inclusive holiday at the Paradise Lago Taurito & Waterpark, Gran Canaria in November 2016.

During investigations, Jet2holidays and their law firm, Horwich Farrelly, discovered evidence which they said showed the claims were fabricated.

The evidence included a number of social media posts from the family, including images and video footage of them enjoying themselves on holiday despite claiming to be ill.

This included the family using the waterslide, swimming in the pool and drinking in the bar.

Christopher Byng had also completed a survey sent by Jet2, saying he was “very satisfied” with his break.

The family was convicted of contempt of court and appeared Teesside Combined Court[76] on Friday after pleading guilty.

Christopher, Barbara and Anthony Byng were all jailed for four months.

Lane received a suspended sentence.

March 2021

Liam Owen

Liam Owen subjected his partner to a series of vicious attacksLiam Owen subjected his partner to a series of vicious attacks

Paul Fotheringham -Credit:Cleveland Police

Former soldier Liam Owen, who subjected his partner to a series of vicious attacks and bundled her into his car as she tried to hide from him in a garden, was jailed.

The 29-year-old made his girlfriend’s life “an absolute misery” and physically attacked her throughout their relationship.

He bit her, punched her and threatened to kill her before he was finally arrested last year.

Owen, of Grantley Avenue, Thorntree[77], appeared at Teesside Crown Court[78] via link from HMP Durham.

He was sentenced for several offences, including common assault, criminal damage and dangerous driving.

Owen was jailed for two years[79] and banned from driving for 22 months.

He was also made subject of a restraining order.

Anthony James Gray

Cowboy builder Anthony James Gray, who ripped off customers with shoddy home improvements, was jailed.

The 57-year-old defrauded £39,600 from his victims over a two-year period as he traded as Cathedral Home Improvements Ltd.

Following complaints from dissatisfied customers, the council’s Trading Standards team launched an investigation.

In interview, Gray admitted he had never been a builder or held any building qualifications.

He also admitted he “wasn’t very good at running a company” and had never run one before.

Gray, of Topaz Close, Hartlepool[80], admitted one count of fraudulent trading and four counts of fraud and was sentenced at Durham Crown Court.

He was jailed for two years and three months.[81]

Raymond Wilson

Raymond WilsonRaymond Wilson

Christopher Byng, 38, Barbara Byng, 64, Linda Lane,36, and Anthony Byng, 66, submitted false gastric illness claims against Jet2holidays -Credit:Teesside Live

Heartless burglar Raymond Wilson, who broke into the home of a man he’d known for 20 years while he was being treated in hospital, was locked up.

The 36-year-old smashed his way into the home of a man he called “uncle” and helped himself to over £2,500 worth of goods.

He carried out the burglary on May 19, last year, as the victim lay in hospital.

Wilson, of Landsdowne Street, Darlington appeared at Teesside Crown Court[82] via link from HMP Durham to be sentenced.

He was jailed for 40 months.[83]

Michael Pinkney

Paedophile Michael Pinkney, who was snared while engaging in sexual conversation with who he believed was a 12-year-old girl, was caged.

The Stockton[84] dad thought he was chatting online to the young girl – but it was in fact a police officer.

Teesside Crown Court[85] heard how the cop joined an children’s chat room in April last year.

Pinkney exchanged sexualised conversations and sent them images, believing them to be a girl aged 12.

Pinkney was found to be in possession of indecent photographs of children.

There was also evidence to show that he had been distributing images by Kik messenger.

Pinkney, of Doncaster Crescent, pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual communication with a child, distributing indecent images of children and attempting to cause a child to look at sexual activity.

He was jailed for 16 months.[86]

Amanda Donoghue and Christina Youll

Two women who brutally attacked a man with a hammer and stabbed him in the leg with a pair of scissors during a birthday party were locked up.

Amanda Jane Donoghue and Christina Joyce Youll injured the man after an evening of drinking and drug taking at an address on September 23, 2019.

During the incident, which happened in Coulby Newham[87], the pair stamped on the man as he lay bloodied and beaten on the ground.

Donoghue, 47, and Youll, 43, appeared at Teesside Crown Court to be sentenced for the vicious attack.[88][89]

The court was told that Donoghue, of Wynyard[90] Mews, Hartlepool[91], had 104 offences on her record, including prison sentences for robbery and supplying class A drugs.

She also appeared to be sentenced for possession of a knife in connection with separate incident.

Youll, also of Wynyard Mews, had 29 offences, including for fraud and common assault.

The pair were jailed for 16 months each.[92]

Kenneth Richard Graham

Bungling burglar Kenneth Richard Graham, who walked into a family home as they sat watching TV before blatantly denying doing so after being caught, was jailed.

The 27-year-old entered the property on Park Vale Road in Middlesbrough [93]and left with an iPhone.

But the dad of the family caught him red handed and detained him, while Graham attempted to claim he’d done nothing wrong.

He even tried to argue that the phone he’d stolen was his, despite the mobile’s wallpaper being a picture of a member of the victim’s family.

Graham, of Moorgate, Eston[94], appeared at Teesside Crown Court[95] via link from HMP Durham to be sentenced for burglary and possession of cannabis.

He was jailed for 10 months.[96]

Edwards Jones and Louise Turton

Edwards Jones and Louise TurtonEdwards Jones and Louise Turton

Liam Owen

A ‘disgraceful’ duo who smashed into a flat with a spanner after a residents refused their demand to be given £20 were locked up.

Edwards Jones, 48, and Louise Turton, 27, pleaded guilty to affray at Teesside Crown Court[97].

They were charged after an incident in September 2020 in Shaftesbury Street in Stockton[98].

The pair had knocked on a window of a flat and demanded £20 from the residents inside – when they were refused, they smashed their way in.

The pair – both of no fixed abode – were sentenced to 13 months each in prison.[99]

Matthew Sharp

Burglar Matthew Sharp told police he’d been out for a jog after breaking into a nurse’s home and stealing her car keys.

The 24-year-old, with a bad record, broke into the key worker’s Ormesby [100]home on February 1, stole her car keys and then took belongings from her car.

But he was nabbed by police soon after the burglary, but claimed he’d been out “jogging”.

Sharp, of Kinross Avenue, Park End[101], appeared at Teesside Crown Court[102] to be sentenced for charges of theft and burglary.

He was also sentenced for a count of driving while disqualified which was committed five months before the burglary, on September 27, last year.

Sharp had stolen a Range Rover and was spotted driving down Linthorpe Road and running red lights.

The court heard that Sharp had 27 previous convictions for 49 offences, most of which were for theft and dishonesty.

He was jailed for 42 months.[103]

John Round

John RoundJohn Round

Anthony James Gray, 57, from Hartlepool

Evil burglar John Round, who told an elderly woman he wanted a glass of water in a cruel distraction to steal her purse, was jailed.

The callous 24-year-old also appeared at Teesside Crown Court[104] to be sentenced for an attempted knife-point shop robbery.

The court heard how the dad had targeted the kind burglary victim in a “despicable offence” while doing door-to-door sales in an area where “all of the residents were elderly”.

Round, of Longford Street, Middlesbrough,[105] admitted charges of burglary, attempted robbery and possession of a blade.

He was jailed for three years and 11 months.[106]

James Harll

Savage attacker James Harll, who left his girlfriend’s ex-partner fighting for life, was jailed.

The 33-year-old had been on a night out with his girlfriend, who had left her daughter in the care of the child’s dad for the evening.

But the couple got a call later that night from the dad, who said his daughter was crying and wanted to go home with her mum.

Furious their night together was cut short, Harll carried out a terrifying beating on the man and left him with significant injuries that required him to be admitted into intensive care.

Harll, of Holland Walk, Hartlepool, appeared at Teesside Crown Court to be sentenced for grievous bodily harm with intent and was jailed for six years and three months.[107][108]

Corey Allison

Drug dealer Corey Allison, who dropped two bags of high purity cocaine out of his upstairs window in full view of police, was locked up.

Teesside Crown Court[109] heard an officer went to see the 24-year-old about an unrelated matter.

While he was at his address, he spotted an upstairs window being opened and an arm hanging out.

Jonathan Gittins, prosecuting, said the officer saw the person drop a bag containing a substance onto the roof.

He said: “One woman said ‘What you doing?’ and a male responded ‘It’s the gear, just wait a second’.”

Mr Gittins said a second bag was then dropped onto the roof.

One of the bags of cocaine contained 13.8 grams and had a street value of £1,380.

The other 15.8 gram bag was worth £1,580.

Mr Gittins said a number of mobile phones were examined by officers.

He said one message was asking how much it was for three bags – indicating a drug deal.

Allison, of Braemar Road, Billingham[110], pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply a class A drug – cocaine.

He was jailed for two years and four months.[111]

Qazim Marku, Dorian Pirija and Noza Xaffari

From left: Qazim Marku, Dorian Pirija and Noza XaffariFrom left: Qazim Marku, Dorian Pirija and Noza Xaffari

Raymond Wilson

Three men were put behind bars for a total of 53 years for their role in the shotgun killing of a man in a terraced house.

Noza Saffari, 39, Qazim Marku, 25, and Dorian Pirija, 33, received significant custodial sentences for playing a part in the killing of Hamawand Ali Hussain.

Mr Hussain was found dead in a home on Charterhouse Street, Rift House, Hartlepool[112] on September 14, 2019.

The 30-year-old drug-dealer had been lured to the home by an Albanian criminal gang[113] on the premise of setting up a cannabis farm.

But soon after Mr Hussain entered the property, he was shot in the head with a sawn-off shotgun.

The exact reasons behind the killing remain unclear, but it is thought it was in order for the Albanian criminal enterprise to control cannabis farm cultivation and its profits in the area.

Sentencing the trio, Justice Wall described it as ” a group attack, it was meticulously planned” and said the killing had created an “obvious loss” for Mr Hussain’s family and was “meticulously planned”.

  • Saffari, of Park Lane, Middlesbrough[114], was jailed for 15 years.

  • Marku, of Maxwell Road, West Drayton, London, was jailed for 19 years.

  • Pirija, of Trillo Avenue, Bolton, was also jailed for 19 years.

Ian Dunning

An “isolated” stalker who became obsessed with his pregnant employment coach and would appear out of alleyways and make bizarre threats was jailed.

Ian Dunning would turn up to the woman’s office unannounced and would call her “Cuddles” and “Jam Tart”, before things took a more sinister turn and made threats about throwing her down a flight of stairs.

The 57-year-old left the woman feeling terrified as he continued to appear at her place of work and told her he didn’t care if he was arrested.

Dunning, of Bankhead Road, Northallerton[115], appeared at Teesside Crown Court[116] via video link from HMP Durham to be sentenced for aggravated stalking.

He was jailed for 12 months [117]and made subject to an indefinite restraining order.

Jason Hackett

Disqualified driver Jason Hackett, who left a police dog with a limp after hitting the animal during a high speed car chase, was jailed.

The 27-year-old sped off from officers when asked to pull over the Vauxhall Astra he was driving on Durham Road in Stockton[118].

Teesside Crown Court[119] heard how he drove the wrong way around roundabouts, through red lights and over grassed areas.

The court in Middlesbrough[120] heard how Hackett went to exit the car at one stage and a police dog was deployed.

However he continued to drive away and struck the dog, causing it to suffer from a limp and need an injection.

Hackett was arrested and two kitchen knives were recovered from inside the car, following the chase on February 11.

Hackett, of High Newham Road, Hardwick[121], pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and driving without a licence.

He also admitted failing to provide a specimen and having a bladed article.

He was jailed for 20 months.[122]

Jamane Francis Yare

An “oppressive and jealous” man who subjected his girlfriend to horrendous abuse and left her “scared to death” was jailed.

Jamane Yare was “violent from the outset” during a three-month relationship that left his victim feeling like she had “gone through hell”.

The 30-year-old was “highly controlling” and even smeared “cat waste” on her clothing during one humiliating incident.

Yare appeared at Teesside Crown Court[123] via video link from HMP Durham where he pleaded guilty to three counts of assault and one charge of controlling behaviour.

On Boxing Day 2019, Yare, of Eston[124], attacked his partner, causing her to flee to her mum’s home.

He then sent threatening messages to her, saying she would be attacked by his friends and threatened to post intimate pictures of her on social media.

The next month, after Yare had taken a “large amount” of cocaine and sleeping tablets, an argument developed between the two that saw him “snatch” a bottle she was drinking from, causing it to smash.

She sustained injuries to her hand as a result.

Sentencing him, Judge Stephen Ashurst said Yare’s behaviour was “oppressive, persistent and disgusting”.

He jailed Yare for two years and six months.[125]

He was also made the subject of an indefinite restraining order.

Andrew Williams

A dad who filmed himself raping and sexually assaulting a woman while she slept was caged.

Seven videos were recovered from Andrew Williams’ phone of him attacking the victim while she was in a deep sleep.

Teesside Crown Court[126] heard how they varied in length from 18 seconds to two minutes and 34 seconds.

The footage showed the 39-year-old raping the victim as well performing sex acts on her.

In a victim impact statement, the woman said that the offences had affected her mental health.

She told the court in Middlesbrough[127] that she struggled to sleep, suffered nightmares and didn’t want to leave her home.

Williams, of Witton Crescent, Darlington[128], pleaded guilty to two offences of rape.

He also admitted assault by penetration and two counts of sexual assault.

The judge sentenced Williams to nine years in prison.[129]

He also handed him an indefinite restraining order against the victim and ordered him to sign the sex offenders register for life.

Susan Cuthbert

A partner stabbed her former lover and her neighbour after believing she’d “caught them at it”.

Susan Cuthbert became violent after a night of drinking and drug taking and stabbed her ex-partner and a mutual friend, who lived next door to her, with a large kitchen knife.

The attack, which happened in a home on High Street, Brotton[130], left both victims with injuries, with one spending 22 days in hospital and now needing to walk with the aid of a walking stick.

Cuthbert, 51, appeared at Teesside Crown Court[131] via video link from HMP Durham on Wednesday to be sentenced for two charges of GBH.

She was jailed for five years and six months[132].

April 2021

Amy Beaumont and Soma Deasley

Two burglars who stole a phone and a NHS[133] badge from a family home while a teenager was home alone were jailed.

Amy Beaumont, 32, kept watch while Soma Deasley, 32, broke into the property on Maddren Way in Middlesbrough[134].

A neighbour spotted Deasley gaining entry to the house in Linthorpe[135] and contacted the owner.

Teesside Crown Court[136] heard how their 14-year-old son, who was upstairs at the time, did not hear the kitchen window smash.

The teen, who was wearing headphones, was warned about the intruder and remained in his bedroom.

Dr Chris Wood, prosecuting, told the court how a kitchen knife, which had been removed from the rack, had been snapped in two and was lying on the stairs.

The court in Middlesbrough heard how the neighbour and the owner confronted the pair and demanded a mobile phone, which had been taken from the property.

Deasley, of Burlam Road, Middlesbrough, and Beaumont, of no fixed address, both admitted burglary.

Third strike burglar Deasley was jailed for three years[137] and Beaumont was given 12 months.

Shaun Keenan

A drug dealer was locked up after he was found selling crack cocaine during the first coronavirus lockdown.

Police found Shaun Keenan in possession of four deals of the class A drug and a mobile phone on April 24 last year.

Teesside Crown Court[138] heard how officers stopped the 26-year-old’s vehicle and conducted a search after watching him leave an address.

Paul Cleasby, prosecuting, said four deals of crack cocaine were in the tracksuit top, located under the defendant’s seat.

He told the court in Middlesbrough[139] how a message on his seized phone asked if he still had the “rocket fuel”.

Mr Cleasby said the total street value of the drugs found was £517.

Keenan, of Windridge Road, Billingham[140], pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply a class A drug and was jailed for two-and-a-half years[141].

Gary Metcalfe

Gary MetcalfeGary Metcalfe

Michael Pinkney

A man who threatened to torture his pregnant partner and ‘kick her baby out of her’ was locked up.

Gary Metcalfe verbally abused the petrified woman in her own home, saying he would bury her in the ground.

During a terrifying 40-minute attack the 22-year-old also punched the woman in the face before grabbing a kitchen knife.

He went on to threaten to rape her and stab her every time she made a noise.

The woman managed to flee the property and raise the alarm, following the incident on October 31 last year.

When she returned home with the police, she discovered a £500 television had been smashed and a hole had been punched through a bathroom door.

Metcalfe, of no fixed abode but originally from the Darlington[142] area, was arrested and charged with making threats to kill, common assault and criminal damage.

He admitted the offences and was jailed for two years[143] at Teesside Crown Court[144], and given a three-year restraining order.

Paul Wardle

Paul WardlePaul Wardle

Amanda Donghue, left, and Christina Youll, right carried out the shocking attack

A rapist who carried out a sex attack on a sleeping woman after she had taken strong medication was jailed.

Paul Wardle’s victim was in such a deep sleep from the painkillers she only realised what had happened when she awoke later.

And she was so traumatised by her ordeal that she has “put her life on hold” as she comes to terms with what had happened, Chronicle Live reported.[145]

Wardle, 35, who had denied rape, was jailed for five years and seven months[146] after he was convicted of the offence by a jury following a trial at Newcastle Crown Court[147].

As well as the prison sentence, Wardle, of Skeeby Road, Darlington[148], was made to sign the sex offenders register indefinitely and was made subject to an indefinite restraining order.

Declan Bailey

A Teesside student who threatened to rape a 12-year-old girl if she didn’t send him indecent images of herself has been locked up.

Declan Bailey demanded to be sent the sick photographs after targeting the girl on Snapchat.

Teesside Crown Court[149] heard how the 24-year-old then distributed her pictures to others.

The court heard how Bailey committed the offence weeks after being arrested for targeting a 13-year-old girl.

Richard Bennett, prosecuting, said that he added the first victim on Snapchat and demanded that she sent him pictures of herself or he would “find her”.

He said that she sent him two naked pictures and nothing was said by Bailey, with the account appearing to have been deactivated.

The court heard how Bailey, who was studying computing at Teesside University[150], created a new account and targeted her a second time.

He said he told her that he had her old pictures and demanded to be sent more.

The court heard how she reported the matter to police and, following an investigation, Bailey was tracked down and arrested.

Two weeks after his arrest, Bailey created another online account and targeted the 12-year-old girl.

Mr Bennett said that he contacted her and demanded that she sent him pictures.

He said: “He threatened to rape her and attack her family and friends.”

Mr Bennett told the court how the girl sent him indecent pictures and he began to say he loved her.

He said Bailey referred to himself as daddy, saying things like “show daddy his baby girl”.

Bailey pleaded guilty to two charges of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and distributing indecent images of children.

He was jailed for three years.[151]

James Vasey

A Redcar man who pocketed more than £10,000 after threatening to out two gay men who he had met on dating app Grindr was locked up.

James Vasey met up with the men, who cannot be named for legal reasons, before demanding cash from them to keep their sexuality a secret.

Teesside Crown Court[152] heard how one of the victims, a pensioner, paid the 24-year-old £9,950 while the other man gave him £120.

After further demands for cash the victim decided to phone the police.

The court heard how Vasey was arrested on January 12, 2020 and police siezed his mobile phone.

Officers discovered that at the same time he was blackmailing victim A, he was also doing the same to another male.

Harley, of Aske Road, Redcar[153], pleaded guilty to two counts of blackmail.

He was jailed for 32 months.[154]

Kenneth Lowery

Kenneth LoweryKenneth Lowery

Kenneth Graham

A window cleaner who stole cash from an elderly woman he knew has been locked up.

Kenneth Lowery had helped himself to £200 from the victim’s handbag while he was at a property in Hartlepool[155].

The 52-year-old committed the offence, against the woman in her 80s, while working as a window cleaner.

Police said that Lowery had known the woman for a number of years due to his profession.

Lowery, of Bede Grove, Hartlepool, had denied burglary but was found guilty after a trial.

He was jailed for three years.[156]

Aaron Luke Chapman

A man who bit off the end of his girlfriend’s nose and then spat it back at her during a “vicious” and “brutal” attack was caged.

Aaron Luke Chapman carried out the sickening attack while the couple were spending time together in a Stockton [157]Premier Inn.

Chapman, 21, had been subjecting his terrified partner to “escalating” violence over a period of six months before culminating in the gruesome assault on September 30, last year.

He was also on police bail at the time for carrying out a separate assault on the woman and then attacking the officers who came to arrest him.

Chapman appeared at Teesside Crown Court [158]on Monday to be sentenced for assaulting a PC and wounding with intent.

Chapman, of Sunningdale Walk, Eaglescliffe, was jailed for 54 months.[159][160]

Duncan Evans

A dad-of-seven who left his victim feeling like “Frankenstein” after he slashed him across the face with a knife was jailed.

The victim was at his elderly grandmother’s home in Redcar with his partner when he was confronted in the street by Duncan Evans.

Teesside Crown Court[161] heard how the 46-year-old had a Stanley knife in each hand and threatened to “cut him up”.

Deborah Smithies, prosecuting, said the victim armed himself with a baseball bat and stood behind the door of the property while Evans shouted and threatened him.

She told the court how Evans slashed the man’s car tyres and he went outside with his partner to confront him.

Evans slashed the victim’s girlfriend on the forearm with one of the knifes, although she did not initially realise he had cut her.

Ms Smithies told the court how the victim hit Evans with the baseball bat in an attempt to protect himself.

She said Evans then slashed him across his left cheek with one of the blades, causing heavy bleeding.

The court heard how the 12cm cut to the man’s face led to him being taken to hospital for treatment.

Evans, of Kirkleatham[162] Lane, Redcar[163], pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and unlawful wounding.

He also admitted two counts of possession of offensive weapons.

The guilty pleas were entered on the day he was due to go on trial at the court in January this year.

He was jailed for 10 years with an extended licence period of three years.[164]

Paul Normington

A cruel fraudster who swindled a man out of more than £46,000 was put behind bars for a second time.

Paul Normington was previously jailed for three years and three months[165] after conning multiple victims out of around £30,000.

Teesside Crown Court[166] heard how the 57-year-old and his partner Christine Fearns fleeced friends and acquaintances out of vast sums of cash.

The pair often claimed Fearns was due from the USA as a means to promise repayments but they never came.

When they were jailed for the crime in November 2018[167], another victim came forward.

He too had been swindled out of money with false promises and forged solicitors’ letters or texts.

Jonathan Walker prosecuting, told the court how he started lending the couple money as he felt sorry for them and their purported financial hardship.

The victim loaned thousands of pounds and the money requests continued even when he said he was in hospital.

The court heard how he handed over a total of £46,247.20p between May 2016 and August 2018.

In July last year, Fearns, then 54, of Craig Street, Darlington, admitted fraud and was handed an additional 15 months in jail[168].

Normington, of Starmar Crescent, Darlington[169], returned to the court to be sentenced on Thursday after admitting fraud.

He was jailed for 38 months.[170]

Stuart Andrew Henderson

A paedophile who groomed and sexually assaulted a child after plying them with alcohol was jailed.

Stuart Andrew Henderson was found with over 1,400 category A images and had a large number of other indecent images downloaded on to a USB stick that he kept on his car keys.

The 44-year-old had also taken pictures of children from social media profiles and doctored them into indecent pseudo-images.

Teesside Crown Court[171] heard that years before, he had also sexually assaulted a child after grooming them.

Henderson appeared at the court to be sentenced for making indecent and pseudo images, sexual activity with a child and possessing a prohibited image of a child.

Henderson, of Victoria Terrace, Hartlepool, was jailed for five years and two months.[172][173]

Stefan Geary

Stefan GearyStefan Geary

Edwards Jones, 48, and Louise Turton, 27, were jailed after pleading guilty to affray -Credit:Cleveland Police

A “dangerous offender” who torched a grade II listed church was given an extended stay behind bars.

Serial arsonist Stefan Geary[174] has spent many years in jail for concerning fire starting episodes in the past.

The 50-year-old had not long finished a stretch inside when he caused devastating damage to St Peter’s Church Hal[175] l on Millbank Street, in South Bank,[176] thought to cost an estimated £150,000 to £200,000 to fix.

Prosecutor Sam Faulks told Teesside Crown Court[177] it was almost 3am on September 29 last year when fire crews were alerted to a “large plume of smoke” at the derelict building.

The building was known as a spot where people slept rough, with drug paraphernalia inside.

The court heard how Geary started the fire to keep warm, it got out of control and he “did little or nothing about it”.

But Mr Faulks explained how the defendant had previous for similar episodes and had been jailed for 15 years in the past.

He became notorious in 2003 for causing £1.7m worth of damage by setting fire to two schools and a church.

In 1995 he set fire to a home and in 1999 he torched three cars at Blackpool bus station.

Geary, of Furness Street, Hartlepool, was sentenced to four years in prison, with a four year extended licence period.[178][179]

Scott and Nathan Myers

Boozed up brothers who kicked and stamped on a defenceless man’s face before smashing a bottle on his head in a horrendous unprovoked attack outside McDonald’s were locked up.

Teesside Crown Court heard how the victim, an ex army man with post traumatic stress disorder, was left with a serious fracture to his eye socket after the brutal assault at the hands of Nathan and Scott Myers, outside the fast food restaurant on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough.[180][181]

The court heard how the “defenceless” victim was knocked out with “no provocation” and taken to hospital for “several wounds to his face” and “an extensive fracture to his right eye socket”, which required an operation and has left his face with a droop.

Scott Myers, 27, was arrested and described as “clearly drunk”, with cocaine also found in his possession.

The court heard he has seven convictions for eight offences, including assaulting a police constable.

Nathan Myers, 31, was arrested the following day.

He has eight convictions for nine offences.

The court heard in mitigation that the brothers had both shown remorse and entered guilty pleas.

Both defendants, both of Hazel Court, central Middlesbrough, admitted causing GBH with intent.

They were jailed for seven years each.[182]

Leigh Pear

Leigh PearLeigh Pear

Matthew Sharp burgled the home of a nurse

A rapist who showed no remorse to his victims and bragged of one of the attacks was caged.

Leigh Pear, 39, denied his crimes against two women.

Teesside Crown Court[183] heard how a pre-sentence report did not “contain one shred of remorse or sympathy towards the victims”.

Prosecutor Jo Kidd explained how Pear was convicted by a jury of two counts of rape.

On both occasions the women had not consented to sexual activity but Pear.

Judge Stephen Ashurst said the defendant had even “bragged” to an employee about one of the vile attacks.

Pear, of Milbank Road, Hartlepool, was jailed for 14 years.[184][185]

Paul Bishop

A convicted burglar who attacked a fellow prisoner with a broom has been handed another long jail term.

Paul Bishop hit the other man with the brush end of the cleaning tool while locked behind bars.

Teesside Crown Court[186] heard how he also assaulted a prison officer causing him to sustain serious injuries.

Bishop, of Seventh Street, Blackhall Colliery, near Hartlepool[187], pleaded guilty to GBH and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The court in Middlesbrough[188] heard that during the burglary, every single room of a property in Darlington was ransacked with mattresses being tipped over – just days before Christmas 2019.

The 36-year-old was sentenced for the two assaults, as well as a burglary.

He was jailed for five years and six months.[189]

Leah Hammond

A mum-of-four plunged a knife into her friend twice after becoming “angry” with her.

Leah Hammond, 33, had been drinking when she attacked her pal with the blade.

Teesside Crown Court[190] heard how the woman required stitches to one of the wounds following the attack in Billingham.

The court heard the pair are no longer friends following the incident on April 23 last year.

Hammond, of Mond Crescent, Billingham[191], pleaded guilty to GBH with intent during a previous hearing.

She was jailed for three years.[192]

Brett Gatley

Brett GatleyBrett Gatley

John Round, 24, from Middlesbrough, jailed at Teesside Crown Court for three years and 11 months -Credit:Cleveland Police

A cocaine addict who was spending £300 to £400 a week on the drug before turning dealer himself to pay off debts to unsavoury characters is behind bars.

Speedy Volkswagen Golf driver Brett Gatley whizzed past a police officer on January 26 last year on Lime Trees Close in Port Clarence,[193] Teesside Crown Court[194] heard.

The 28-year-old “street dealer” was said to be “travelling in excess of the speed limit”, prompting the officer to activate the blue lights.

“The vehicle took a sharp bend at speed and the driver lost control of the vehicle,” prosecutor Annelise Haugstad said.

The car crashed into some boulders and came to a stop.

Searches unearthed a bag of white powder in Gatley’s jacket, more drugs in the car, almost £1,000 in cash, two phones and a baseball bat.

A drug swipe also showed he had cocaine in his system and wasn’t insured to drive the vehicle.

Gatley, of Samphire Street, Port Clarence[195], to two counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs and possession of a class B drug.

He was jailed for two years and four months.[196]

Suzanne Kelly and Jay Perren

Suzanne Kelly and Jay PerrenSuzanne Kelly and Jay Perren

James Harll, 32, was jailed for over six years for carrying out the vicious attack

Two paedophiles were put behind bars for their roles in filming and distributing indecent images of children.

Convicted pervert Jay Perren was found with a haul of more than 33,500 disturbing images and videos of “young children in pain and distress”.

But his former partner, Suzanne Kelly, has now been brought to justice for her despicable crimes in which she abused and filmed children then sent the images on to her then boyfriend.

Teesside Crown Court[197] heard how the pair met in a pub[198] where Perren worked as a DJ and Kelly was “unhappy in her marriage”.

Kelly had taken indecent pictures and videos of children and sent them to Perren “to please him”.

Her offending only came to light when Perren’s home was raided last year and the videos of her sexual abuse were discovered amongst his stash.

Perren, 32, was sentenced after he admitted possession of a catalogue of indecent images of children[199]– including category A, B and C – as well as extreme pornographic images and breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

He also admitted breaching the terms of his sexual harm prevention order by using a private web browser – Aloha – to block his location

Kelly, 40, pleaded guilty to charges of sexual activity with a child, voyeurism, and making and distributing indecent indecent images of children.

Perren was handed a four year and four-month prison sentence[200], along with a new sexual harm prevention order.

Kelly was given a six-year prison sentence and is also subject to a sexual harm prevention order.

Christopher Graham

A robber who threatened a security guard before elbowing a mum out of the way to steal her son’s bike was locked up.

Christopher Graham told the shop worker “I will come back, find out where you live” before making a lewd threat after he was caught removing security tags.

Teesside Crown Court[201] heard how the victim was left feeling worried and said there was “no need” to make the comments he did on February 20 this year.

Just days later, on March 3, a woman found Graham inside her son’s garden shed attempting to steal his bike.

Peter Sabiston, prosecuting, told the court how she was staying at the property overnight and saw that the shed door was ajar.

He said that, as she got closer, the woman spotted Graham pulling her son’s bike, which was worth around £500.

Mr Sabiston said the defendant continued to take the bike and the woman shouted for her son.

He said she put her hands on the bike to stop him taking it but he elbowed her to break her grasp.

Graham, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to robbery and theft of beard trimmers.

He was jailed for 16 months.[202]

Razvan-dumitru Oprea

A dad who raped a teenager and forced his toe in her mouth during a “vicious” attack has been jailed for more than 11 years.

Romanian national Razvan-dumitru Oprea slapped the girl across the face and pinned her arms over her head.

Teesside Crown Court[203] heard how the 35-year-old sexually assaulted her and ignored her pleas to stop.

Shaun Dodds, prosecuting, told the court how he pinned her down with his body weight, and raped her.

He told how she repeatedly begged him to stop but he slapped her across the face again and told her to “shut up”.

Oprea, of no fixed address, initially denied all of the offences.

But he pleaded guilty to two charges of rape and two counts of sexual assault in January this year[204].

The judge sentenced him to 11 years and two months behind bars.[205]

He also handed Oprea an indefinite restraining order against the victim.

Oprea was ordered to abide by a sexual harm prevention order of 15 years and sex offender notification requirements indefinitely.

May 2021

Floren Constantine Dan

A man was jailed after asking what he believed to be an underage girl to send him naked pictures, when he was actually chatting to a member of a vigilante group.

Floren Constantine Dan thought he was chatting to a 14-year-old girl online, but was really speaking to a member of a voluntary organisation called the Child Online Safety Team.

Dan asked the decoy to send him explicit pictures before travelling to Durham train station in the hope of meeting her.

The 29-year-old appeared at Teesside Crown Court[206] on Monday to be sentenced for intending to meet a child following sexual grooming and sending a sexual communication to a child.

Recorder Alex Menary handed him a two year prison sentence[207] and made him subject to a 10 year sexual harm prevention order.

He will also be on the sex offender register for 10 years.

Luke Cashman

A “dangerous offender” who stabbed a man five times with a “Rambo” knife on Christmas Day was jailed.

Luke Cashman is beginning a life sentence behind bars and called Judge Howard Crowson a “f***ing lunatic” as he was caged.

Cashman, 31, appeared to be sentenced over the knife attack dating back to December 25, 2019.

Prosecutor Nick Dry told the court how a fight had erupted[208] after a man refused to leave Cashman’s mother’s house.

Cashman went on to stab him five times with a blade measuring five to six inches in a frenzied attack.

He was arrested for attempted murder but admitted a lesser charge in court of wounding with intent to cause GBH, something accepted by the prosecution.

Judge Howard Crowson had concluded that based on Cashman’s previous violent record he must be classed as dangerous and handed a life sentence, to serve a minimum of eight years before he can be considered for release.

Lee Hakansson

Lee HakanssonLee Hakansson

Corey Allison

A jealous boyfriend has been jailed for his campaign of controlling and coercive behaviour.

Domestic abuser Lee Hakansson denied inflicting emotional and mental abuse on his ex-girlfriend for nearly 18-months.

The 30-year-old Hartlepool[209] man also physically attacked the woman on June 13, last year.

Hakansson denied the assault[210] causing actual bodily harm and his controlling behaviour at Teesside Magistrates’ Court[211].

He stood trial at the Middlesbrough[212] court on April 16 and was convicted of both offences.

Hakansson, of Macrae Road, Hartlepool, repeatedly or continuously engaged in behaviour which was controlling or coercive from January 1, 2019 to June 13, last year.

He assaulted the victim and inflicted emotional and mental abuse upon her when at the time they were in an “intimate relationship”.

He was jailed for 30-months[213] and was slapped with an indefinite restraining order against the victim.

Lee Bryan Sullivan

A third-strike burglar broke into a family home in an “affluent area” of Teesside while a child slept upstairs is behind bars.

Lee Bryan Sullivan broke into the home on Marton Avenue, in Middlesbrough[214], with two other people on April 10 and stole high value goods.

The 30-year-old swiped a laptop, a head torch and keys during the burglary after using tools to break into the house.

After being caught on CCTV, Sullivan was soon arrested and bailed, but failed to adhere to notification requirements resulting in police turning up at his house.

Officers then discovered a motorbike in his garden that had been stolen from the Manchester area months before.

He appeared at Teesside Crown Court[215] via link from HMP Durham to be sentenced for burglary, handling stolen goods and possession of a class B drug.

The court heard that Sullivan had 30 previous convictions for 62 offences and had received a suspended prison sentence in 2019 for burglary – which he was in breach of at the time.

Sullivan, of Langridge Road, Middlesbrough, was jailed for four years and two months.[216]

Dylan King

Dylan KingDylan King

From left: Qazim Marku, Dorian Pirija and Noza Xaffari -Credit:Cleveland Police

A convicted paedophile caught living on Teesside with his new partner and her children without telling her of his past is back behind bars.

Twisted Dylan King has been sent to back to jail after again after not telling police where he lived.

The Liverpudlian pervert was jailed last June after he ‘disappeared’ for seven months[217] before he was eventually found living a woman and her children on Teesside after meeting her on a dating app.

King hadn’t told the woman about his sickening past and when she found out she was ‘angry and disgusted’.

The 30-year-old was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register and jailed for two years and three months in 2012 for sexual activity with a child under 16 years of age.

He appeared at Liverpool Crown Court this week after the court heard he had moved without informing police within three days of his new address.

King has eight previous convictions, a number of which are failing to comply with notification requirements.

He was jailed for 12 months[218].

Ryan Marsh

Cleveland Police picture of Ryan Marsh, 24, jailed for two years and four months at Teesside Crown CourtCleveland Police picture of Ryan Marsh, 24, jailed for two years and four months at Teesside Crown Court

Ian Robert Dunning, 57, was jailed for aggravated stalking

A man who left a baby with life-changing injuries after launching it into the air after downing “eight or nine” pints of lager and “a couple of Jagerbombs” was locked up.

Ryan Marsh, 24, is now beginning a jail sentence[219] after the shocking episode.

Teesside Crown Court[220] heard how drunk Marsh “was chucking the child up and down when (the child) just slipped through his fingers”[221], prosecutor Victoria Lamballe said.

The young baby suffered a “significant brain bleed”, Judge Howard Crowson said, with the child left with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, delayed motor development, some visual impairment and taking fluids through a tube.

Marsh had initially done his best to conceal what had really happened, claiming the child “had suddenly gone floppy” in March last year.

The tot was taken to James Cook Hospital[222] in Middlesbrough before being transferred Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle.

Medical experts soon realised the injuries must have been caused by some form of trauma.

Marsh was arrested and explained how he had consumed a significant amount of alcohol, but didn’t disclose what had truly happened.

It was only at a second police interview that he finally came clean and admitted he had dropped the child on his head.

Judge Crowson jailed Marsh, of Brockrigg Court, Guisborough,[223] for two years and four months.

Harry Summersgill

A cocaine-taking Mercedes driver who caused serious injury to a young boy in a horrific crash was jailed.

Six-year-old Noah Herring was initially left fighting for his life after a collision[224] on Yarm Road on Sunday, February 28.

The youngster suffered a bleed on the brain and a serious leg injury and was in hospital for a week.

Harry Summersgill was charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving in connection with the crash near Newsam Road in Eaglescliffe.

The 24-year-old appeared at Teesside Crown Court[225] via video link from HMP Durham in March where he pleaded guilty to the charge[226].

The case was adjourned for eight weeks in order for a medical report to be compiled on behalf of Summersgill, of Whitehouse Croft, Long Newton[227].

Judge Howard Crowson sentenced Summersgill to three years behind bars[228] and banned him from driving for six-and-a-half years.

Jake Costello

An ex-Army serviceman who claims he had to set up a cannabis farm in his home after owing a debt to “unsavoury characters” was jailed.

Police found a “professional” cannabis farm operation set up in the home of Jake Brian Costello after they were notified of a break-in on February 28.

Plants with an estimated street value of up to £138,000 were discovered in the Guisborough[229] home, complete with growing tents and high-powered lighting installed.

But when Costello, 26, turned himself in a day later, he claimed he had to set up the farm after he and his family were threatened by people associated with county lines gangs after borrowing money due to financial struggles.

Costello, of High Street, Normanby[230], appeared at Teesside Crown Court[231] to be sentenced for production of cannabis.

He was jailed for 25 months.[232]

Robert Foster

Remorseless paedophile Robert FosterRemorseless paedophile Robert Foster

Jason Hackett

A paedophile who subjected three young children to years of sexual abuse was caged for two decades.

Robert Foster preyed on the young victims, from primary school age, over a period of 10 years.

His offending came to light when one of the children bravely told a trusted adult about what had happened to them.

The 55-year-old was charged with:

Darlington Police released details of the case after he was jailed.

They said Foster denied all knowledge of the offences, instead insisting that all three children were lying, and put them through the ordeal of a four-day trial at Teesside Crown Court[233].

The jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts on all 14 charges.

Foster, of Salters Close, Darlington[234], was jailed for 20 years[235] and handed a lifetime sexual harm prevention order (SHPO).

Gary Enticknap

Gary Enticknap who sent the grossly offensive messageGary Enticknap who sent the grossly offensive message

Jamane Yare smeared “cat waste” on his partner’s clothing

A former pimp was jailed after calling a man a paedophile in a Facebook[236] group.

Gary Enticknap was also given a restraining order preventing him from contacting his victim for at least ten years.

The 45-year-old, of Boosbeck[237] Road in Skelton[238], was on a six-month suspended prison sentence at the time of the offence.

In 2019, he pleaded guilty to two charges of controlling prostitution for gain but was spared an immediate prison sentence.

He had been investigated after a complaint from a woman who had worked for him as an escort.

He arranged for men to see the women either at their home address or in hotels over two to three months, taking a percentage of the money paid to them.

For his latest offence, he pleaded guilty to sending a grossly offensive message between November 8 and 9 last year.

The victim’s impact statement told how the false paedophile comment was posted by Enticknap on a Facebook group with more than 30,000 members.

He ordered to serve three months of the suspended prison sentence plus a month[239] for sending the message.

Sean Anderson

Sean AndersonSean Anderson

Andrew Williams

Paedophile Sean Anderson who was exposed after his laptop containing a hoard of vile child abuse images and sickening chats was stolen has been locked up.

The 37-year-old called the police after his laptop had been stolen from his flat in June 2019.

But as police carried out inquiries, they received information from a person who was in possession of the laptop saying it contained indecent images.

When officers returned to Anderson’s flat and carried out checks of his other devices, thousands more sickening images were discovered, revealing his “fixation” with children.

Anderson, 37, pleaded guilty in February this year but was bailed before being sentenced so that a report could be put together for the court.

He was also made subject to notification requirements.

But he was soon back in trouble again after failing to register at a police station, which resulted in officers checking up on him.

Again, more disgusting images were discovered on a laptop that belonged to him.

Anderson, of Queen Street, Seaton Carew[240], was jailed for 21 months[241] and was made subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

He will also be on the sex offender register for 10 years.

Samantha Bacon

Samantha BaconSamantha Bacon

Susan Cuthbert, 51, was jailed for five years and six months for GBH

A drug-fuelled attacker who squirted bleach at a terrified petrol station worker in a crazed overreaction to the cash machine being out of order was locked up.

Samantha Bacon, 38, also appeared in court to be sentenced for trying to sneak cocaine into a mental health hospital via a box of Maltesers.

Teesside Crown Court[242] heard how the defendant had entered Eston Service Station[243] on Birchington Avenue in Whale Hill when she headed for the cash point.

A member of staff told her that the machine wasn’t working to which she replied “f*** off you’re lying”, prosecutor Jon Harley said.

She was asked to leave, to which she responded by punching the man in the face on March 9, 2019.

She fetched a bottle containing bleach from a man outside and proceeded to “squirt a jet of liquid” at the terrified worker.

Then on April 19, 2020, Bacon attended Roseberry Park, a mental health hospital, in Marton Road, Middlesbrough.[244]

She handed a box of Maltesers to staff, asking it be given to a patient.

But investigations found the box contained three plastic wraps of cocaine.

Mr Harley said Bacon has 34 previous convictions for 71 offences.

Bacon of Cheddar Close, Grangetown, was jailed for two years and 10 months.[245][246]

Stephen McNally

Paedophile Stephen McNally was jailed for more than six years after committing a string of sex offences against a child.

The 34-year-old was charged with five counts of sexually assaulting a boy.

He was also accused of three counts of taking indecent photographs of a child.

He also faced a further offence of distributing an indecent photograph.

McNally, of Wansford Close, Billingham[247], pleaded guilty to all of nine charges.

On April 30, he was sentenced for the crimes at Teesside Crown Court[248] in Middlesbrough[249].

A judge put him behind bars for a total of 76 months.[250]

Jonathon Moorby

Jonathon Moorby who was sentenced for drugs chargesJonathon Moorby who was sentenced for drugs charges

Amy Beaumont (left) and Soma Deasley (right)

A kingpin dubbed ‘Mr Big’ who ran a large scale operation flooding Teesside with drugs while on the run in Thailand was finally brought to justice.

Jonathon Moorby,[251] 51, ran a huge drugs operation that saw cocaine brought in from the North West while he hid away on an exotic paradise island dodging a 15-year jail stretch.

Moorby was convicted in 2014 and sentenced in his absence after he fled the country.

But rather than lying low, Teesside Crown Court[252] heard the overseas crime boss was the leader of a drugs ring bringing quantities of cocaine from the Liverpool and Manchester areas between August 31 and October 18, 2015, with underlings doing his bidding in the UK via communication on encrypted devices.

Kama Melly QC, prosecuting, explained how Moorby had maintained communications with North West underworld kingpin Lance Kennedy, from Liverpool,[253] who was jailed for 18 years and four months after admitting conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in 2019.

Ms Melly said Moorby used his connection to Kennedy to secure quantities of class A drugs for the North East from the North West, with Moorby running the operation on Teesside from Thailand.

The operation hit a roadblock, the court heard, when courier Neil McIver was stopped,[254] and a haul of cocaine found on the A19[255] in October 2015.

It led to the conviction of Jason Magill – previously described as Moorby’s “UK manager” – and courier McIver.

Moorby admitted conspiring to supply Class A drugs between August 31 and October 18, 2015 just before his trial was due to begin.

Moorby, of no fixed abode, was jailed for 14 years for the latest drugs conspiracy, to be served consecutive to the 15 years he was sentenced to before he went on the run.[256]

Marty Lee Bates

Marty BatesMarty Bates

Shaun Keenan

A killer who brutally murdered a much loved dad in his own bed was caged for life.

Marty Lee Bates, 32, entered the home of John Littlewood and bludgeoned him to death with a weapon, likely a hammer, following an evening of drinking and drug taking.

Mr Littlewood, known as John D, sustained “catastrophic injuries” and was attacked with such force skull fragments were driven into his brain.[257]

His bloodied and beaten body wasn’t discovered until days later, on July 30, 2019, when his on-off partner decided to check on him at his home on Third Street, Blackhall Colliery, near Hartlepool[258].

Bates, who was a friend of Mr Littlewood, had always denied his murder and even gave evidence during a trial at Teesside Crown Court[259] where he denied involvement.

However, it wasn’t until the trial neared it’s end that Bates finally confessed to what he did.

The court heard that Bates had 12 previous convictions for 16 offences, including receiving a significant prison sentence for aggravated burglary.

He also had convictions for criminal damage in 2010 and attempted robbery.

Judge Watson QC sentenced Bates to life in prison, with a minimum term of 24 years.[260]

Luke Moore

Luke MooreLuke Moore

Gary Metcalfe, 22, of no fixed abode, was jailed for two years -Credit:Durham Constabulary

Robber Luke Moore who held a bread knife to the throat of a taxi driver and demanded to be taken “anywhere I need to go” before stealing his phone was locked up.

The 26-year-old had had a bust-up with his girlfriend before storming away with a knife and subjecting a taxi driver to a terrifying robbery on January 18, last year.

The incident left the driver “extremely frightened” before he managed to summon help from passers-by, Teesside Crown Court[261] heard.

Paul Newcombe, prosecuting, said the offence happened when the taxi driver had pulled over at the back of the Smith’s Arms pub in Billingham in order to use the toilet.

But before he could even get out of the vehicle, Moore approached him, opened the driver-side door and “held a knife to his throat”.

He demanded the driver “take me anywhere I need to go”, before getting into the vehicle.

The “extremely frightened” driver took off in the direction of the A1027 and towards the A19, and during the journey, Moore “demanded” the driver hand over his iPhone and told him to tell him the pin.

Moore told the driver to take him to his home address in Roseworth[262], but as the driver approached a set of traffic lights, he decided to “draw attention to the vehicle” in order to get help.

The court heard that Moore suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and that he was on medication that should not be taken with alcohol.

At the time of the offence, Moore, who was described by a doctor as a “vulnerable young man” had taken “drugs, alcohol and tablets”.

Recorder David Gordon sentenced Moore to 30 months in prison.[263]

David Stanwick

Elderly paedophile David Stanwick was jailed after committing a string of child sex offences.

The sickening crimes involved an underage boy.

The 73-year-old was accused of three counts of causing or inciting a boy to engage in penetrative sexual activity and one charge of sexual activity with a boy under 16.

He also faced two further allegations of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child under 16.

Stanwick, of Belgrave Street, Darlington[264], pleaded not guilty to all six charges.

However he was found guilty by a jury on March 29, following a trial at Teesside Crown Court[265].

He was jailed for five-and-a-half years.[266]

Matthew Buckton

Matthew BucktonMatthew Buckton

Paul Wardle

Callous burglar Matthew Buckton who sneaked into a heavily pregnant woman’s home and later pulled a knife on her partner was jailed.

The 24-year-old crept into a Dormanstown[267] property via an unlocked back door at around 12.40am on March 21 this year, Teesside Crown Court[268] heard.

The occupant, a woman who was eight months pregnant, phoned her partner who ran home to find his £400 bike, Xbox and other electronic devices had been stolen.

The man searched Facebook marketplace later that day where he spotted his bike for sale for £90 and arranged to meet up with the seller under the guise of wanting to buy it.

It was then that Buckton pulled out a lock knife with a blade described as three to four inches” and said “let go of the f***ing bike”, the court heard.

Buckton, of Thrush Road, Redcar was jailed for two years and nine months.[269]

Callum Wood

Burglar Callum Wood who smashed up the cars of NHS staff was locked up again after pouring cement over a parquet flooring.

The 32-year-old smashed a window to gain entry into a house which was being renovated in Marton[270], Middlesbrough.

The owner returned to find a tool box had been moved outside and two mountain bikes worth £550 had been stolen in August last year.

Teesside Crown Court[271] heard how cement had been poured over new parquet flooring and the entire floor needed replaced.

He was caught after he matched a blood stain at the point of entry and inside the property.

Mr Mitchell said he was jailed for 12 months in March last year for trying to steal from motor vehicles.

Teesside Live reported at the time how he smashed up[272] and tried to steal from cars belonging to NHS staff.

Wood, of Rothbury Road, Middlesbrough[273], pleaded guilty to burglary.

He was sentenced to 16 months behind bars for his latest crime.[274]

June 2021

Ashley and Adam McQuilling

Two brothers are now behind bars after one handed over two Kinder Eggs containing heroin to police.

Ashley McQuilling, 30, was stopped and searched by offers while riding a motorbike[275] in Billingham[276].

Teesside Crown Court[277] heard how cops found cannabis under the back seat and a large quantity of cash.

Sam Faulks, prosecuting, said McQuilling voluntarily handed over two plastic Kinder Eggs containing heroin, which he said was for his own personal use.

He told the court how officers searched an address in April last year which he shared with brother Adam McQuilling, 35, and discovered grip bags containing cannabis leaf.

Mr Faulks said they also found a Nescafe tin found to contain grip seal bags of brown powder and a tub containing brown powder, suspected to be heroin.

He said that there was around £1,500 worth of heroin and £230 worth of cannabis in the separate bags.

Ashley McQuilling, of Crossfell Road, Middlesbrough, and Adam McQuilling, of Northcliffe Street, Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to possession of a class A drug with intent to supply.

They also admitted possession of a class B drug with intent to supply.

Judge Carroll sentenced them both to three years in prison.[278]

Francesk Verri and Emiljano Koceku

Francesk Verri (left) and Emiljano Koceku (right)Francesk Verri (left) and Emiljano Koceku (right)

Declan Bailey

Two cannabis farmers have been jailed for their grow across four rooms of a Middlesbrough[279] property.

Police stumbled upon the illegal farm on Astonbury Green after Emiljano Koceku was stopped on Thorntree Road[280] for driving offences.

The 23-year-old provided a false ID card as well as a list of materials needed to produce a cannabis farm[281].

Koceku also had a council tax bill and a set of keys for the property on November 14, last year.

Cleveland Police[282] officers attended the address, where Francesk Verri Verri, 26, was present, and found the “professional” cannabis farm with 96 plants.

The two Albanian men appeared at Teesside Crown Court[283] via video links from HMP Durham.

Chris Baker, prosecuting, told how on Saturday, November 14, last year, Koceku was stopped by police on Thorntree Road.

Mr Baker said: “The immigration department said he had been living in this country since 2015.

“He was arrested in relation to the driving licence he produced and was searched by police.”

Police recovered a false ID card, bank statement and payslip which were all in another name, as well as a “list of materials required for the growing of cannabis” and £650 in cash.

The court heard that there was over £5,000 in the bank account.

Koceku, of Norcliffe Street, North Ormesby[284], also had in his possession a council tax bill for an address on Astonbury Green, Easterside[285], which he tried to “crumple up”.

Mr Baker also said Koceku had the keys to the property which police then attended and found a cannabis farm.

The plants were at “all different stages of development in four separate rooms” of the house and described as a “professional grow” with the electricity bypassed.

Koceku told officers he was paid £50 per week and worked at the grow for one-month “watering plants”.

Recorder Bryan Cox QC told Koceku he had a “significant role in the cannabis growing business” and possessing items for fraudulent use.

He sentenced Koceku to three years in prison.[286]

Verri was given 18-months for the production of class B drugs.

Liam Scott

Liam Scott, 27, who was jailed for four years and five monthsLiam Scott, 27, who was jailed for four years and five months

James Vasey

A sexual predator who groomed and abused a 14-year-old boy was caged.

Liam Paul Scott used a fake profile to lure the boy on a gay dating site in 2018.

Despite the victim making it clear that he was only 14, Scott travelled from North Yorkshire[287] to a County Durham car park and persuaded him to perform a sex act on him for £30.

When his further sexual advances were rejected, the former chef offered the boy £100 and when that was refused, he threatened to rape him.

The youngster was left terrified by the incident and confided in his mother who reported them to the police.

Former chef Scott, 27, pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual activity with a child at Durham Crown Court this week.

The court heard how the experience had left the boy, who also suffered the loss of a close family member during the trial, traumatised.

Scott, of Thompson Road West, in Darlington[288], was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison and made subject of an indefinite registration as a sex offender and a restraining order against the boy.

He will also be under a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years.[289]

Gareth Stephenson and Jake Burlison

Gareth Stephenson (left) and Jake Burlison (right)Gareth Stephenson (left) and Jake Burlison (right)

Kenneth Lowery -Credit:Cleveland Police

A violent duo who lured a student into an alleyway before launching a machete attack were locked up.

Jake Burlison, 18, and Gareth Stephenson, 19, hatched the “co-ordinated plan” and laid in wait for a victim on Darlington Back Lane, Stockton[290].

Stephenson – who was 18-years-old at the time of the offence – produced a “large machete” during the alleyway attempted robbery[291].

He swung the “potentially lethal” weapon towards the victim as he threatened him saying: ‘I’m going to stab you.’

Teesside Crown Court[292] heard how the victim felt “very lucky to be alive” and suffers with flashbacks and nightmares following the incident.

Prosecutor Shaun Dodds told how it was just after 9.30pm on Friday, July 24, last year, when a student drove to a convenience store on Darlington Back Lane.

The complainant drove drown an alleyway and saw a male, who is now known to be Burlison.

The second male, Stephenson, then appeared in the alleyway which is “dead end for vehicles” but had a path for pedestrians.

Mr Dodds said Stephenson produced a “large machete” and “struck” the passenger window causing it to shatter.

The complainant got out of his vehicle to see what was going on when Stephenson shouted ‘give me the stuff and the money’, the court heard.

“He swung the machete in a chopping motion” and was “jumping around”, Mr Dodds added

Mr Dodds told how Stephenson also threatened the victim stating: ‘I’m going to stab you.’

The teen stabbed the victim in his leg which caused an injury to his calf requiring hospital[293] treatment and steri strips.

Following the attack, the driver attempted to photograph Stephenson who “put his hood up to obscure his identification”.

The victim then fled the scene and “flagged down a passing police patrol car” and reported the incident.

Mr Dodds highlighted how CCTV footage shows both defendants “lying in wait for a victim” in the “co-ordinated plan”.

The court heard how Stephenson and Burlison were both identified during identity procedures.

A machete and an axe were also recovered from Stephenson’s home address on Dunston Road, Stockton[294].

Burlison was also charged with producing a controlled drug of class B on August 7, last year, after a “small cannabis grow” was recovered at his home.

The duo previously pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and possessing an offensive weapon.

At the time of the offences, Burlison was 17-years-old and Stephenson 18-years-old.

Recorder Cox QC added that he would “discount sentences substantially” due to the defendants’ ages.

For the “major part in offences”, Stephenson was sentenced to four years behind bars.[295]

And due to his “lesser role” Burlison, of Droitwich Avenue, Stockton, was locked up for three years.

James Riley

A man who attempted to cover up the murder of John Littlewood after the victim allegedly said he was one of James Bulger’s killers was jailed.

James Riley assaulted Mr Littlewood before his death after Mr Littlewood allegedly spread a rumour that he was one of the notorious killers.

Mr Littlewood, known as John D, was murdered by Marty Bates[296], 32, at his home in Blackhall Colliery, near Hartlepool[297] in July 2019.

In June, Riley, 31, and his former partner Donna Balfour, 36, were sentenced for perverting the course of justice.

The court heard how Riley assaulted Mr Littlewood before his death after he allegedly spread a rumour that he was one of the killers of James Bulger, who was murdered by two 10-year-old boys in Liverpool in 1993.

Richard Wright QC, prosecuting, told the court how Riley and Bates attended the home of Mr Littlewood, who was highly intoxicated, and attacked him.

Mr Wright said that Bates delivered a “forceful blow to the face” before Riley followed it with a “kick to the head”.

He said that Riley and Bates left and returned to their home on Ninth Avenue in the town, with Bates and Bunney also travelling to the address.

Mr Wright told the court how, shortly after midnight, the power to their CCTV cameras were turned off.

He said Riley and Bates did this to “allow Bates and Bunney to go back to the house”, but they did not know Bates was going to murder him.

He said: “The defendants made an deliberate attempt to delete all of the CCTV from the camera. The attempt was unsuccessful but they weren’t to know that.”

While Mr Littlewood lay dead in his own home[298], the defendants were spotted together at the bingo in Peterlee, County Durham.

The court heard how, following the victim’s death, Riley threatened a female witness who saw them entering the victim’s home.

Mr Wight said that he blamed Bates for the killing and said that if it was reported they had been to his house, Bates and Riley would return and kill her.

Riley and Balfour, both of Ninth Street, Blackhall Colliery, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

Riley also admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and witness intimidation.

Judge Watson QC sentenced Riley to three years and six months behind bars.[299]

Balfour was given two years and five months, which did not require her to be recalled to prison.

Paul Leather

A thug lashed out at a judge after he was sent to prison for a bloody and unprovoked bar attack which left a man with facial injuries.

Dad-to-be Paul Leather accused Recorder Nathan Adams of throwing away his good work as he was led to the cells for the drink and Class A drug-fuelled battering.

The East Cleveland man reacted to his jail sentence by telling him: “My life’s back together, my partner’s pregnant.

“Everything I have worked for you have thrown away.”

The 33-year-old was sentenced at Teesside Crown Court[300] for attacking another man while drinking in Norton[301] on February 4 last year.

Paul Newcombe, prosecuting, said the victim’s attention was drawn to Leather’s group.

He said someone in the group appeared to be threatening him.

Mr Newcombe said Leather then ran at the man and punched him in the nose, sending him to the floor.

Mr Newcombe said Leather then kicked and punched the man in the head and the body.

The victim was left with a cut nose and two chipped front teeth.

The underlying structure of his face, behind the nose, was also damaged.

Leather, of Derwent Road, Skelton[302], pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm.

He was jailed for 18 months[303].

Stephen Johns

Stephen JohnsStephen Johns

Aaron Luke Chapman bit the end off his girlfriend’s nose

A pervert who sexually assaulted a teenage girl and was also found in possession of extreme pornography involving animals, was locked up.

Stephen Johns carried out the “unfathomable” sex assaults against the victim in 2019 and was later found in possession of the sickening material in July, last year.

The 45-year-old gave the girl a drink of Jack Daniels and Coke before carrying out the assaults after he himself had drank around “20 bottles” of lager.

Johns, of Kingfisher Drive, Guisborough[304], appeared at Teesside Crown Court[305] to be sentenced for two counts of sexual assault and one count of possessing extreme pornographic material.

Shaun Dodds, prosecuting, said at the time of one of the sexual assaults, Johns was “drunk” and had given the girl a sip of Jack Daniels and Coke.

“He had been drinking lager all night”, he said.

Johns then “held” the victim to the floor and “got on top” before sexually assaulting her, saying “it will be all right”.

After carrying out the assault, which left the girl “feeling sick”, Johns then “said sorry”.

Mr Dodds said that months previous to the incident, Johns had carried out another sex assault on the girl, who was described as “vulnerable”.

When Johns was finally arrested by police he admitted the assaults but denied he had a sexual interest in children.

He said he’d had “about 20 bottles of lager” in the lead up to the second assault.

Recorder Jamie Hill QC said Johns’ crimes were “unfathomable” and “caused great suffering”.

He jailed him for six-years.[306]

Karl Manders

A cruel burglar broke into an elderly couple’s home and stole an electric bike which they relied on during the coronavirus lockdown is behind bars.

Karl Manders has been jailed for almost four years after breaking into the retired pair’s garage in Great Ayton[307], North Yorkshire.

Teesside Crown Court[308] heard how the 45-year-old targeted the property at the end of May last year.

Ian West, prosecuting, said Manders stole their electric bike and equipment, which was worth £1,200.

He told the court how the occupants discovered their garage had been broken into by the side access door.

Mr West said: “They found a spade which didn’t belong to them, it looked like it had been brought to the scene, perhaps by the burglar.”

The court in Middlesbrough[309] heard how the spade was analysed and found to contain DNA belonging to Manders.

A couple of months later, in October 2020, Manders targeted another garage on Marton Road in Middlesbrough.

Mr West said the occupant’s son and his girlfriend confronted the defendant after seeing him with a spade in his hand and tapping on the windows of the garage.

He said that Manders appeared to be trying to break them gently, without making a lot of noise.

Mr West said the man’s father then came out into the the garden and managed to wrestle the spade off Manders.

He said the defendant told them “I know where you live” as he was detained until the police arrived.

In a victim impact statement, read by Mr West, the court heard how the elderly couple had purchased the electric bike so they could enjoy their retirement and were saving up for a second one.

The bike, which enabled them to get and about in the community for exercise during the covid-19[310] restrictions, has never been recovered.

Manders, of Charlock, Coulby Newham[311], Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to burglary and attempted burglary.

The judge sentenced Manders to 47 months behind bars[312].

Carter Atkinson and Lee Richardson

Carter Atkinson (left) and Lee Richardson (right)Carter Atkinson (left) and Lee Richardson (right)

Duncan Evans

Drugged-up robbers who held a terrified man at knifepoint in his own home to get their hands on his five-figure funds were jailed.

Carter Atkinson and Lee Richardson carried out the armed robbery after smoking crack cocaine.

The 25-year-olds both pleaded guilty to the joint robbery[313] and possession of knives on May 23, last year.

Paul Abrahams, prosecuting, told Teesside Crown Court[314] how three males robbed a man at his home at knifepoint.

He told how on May 21, last year, at around 9pm, the victim had visited his niece, along with three other men including Atkinson and Richardson.

The four had smoked crack cocaine in the house and the victim had told them about receiving £17,000 from a benefits back payment.

He said he had obtained the cash the previous day and used it to pay off debt.

Mr Abrahams outlined Atkinson and Richardson’s further visits to the complainant where they asked to borrow money.

He gave Richardson £100 and Atkinson £20 on May 23.

However, the pair didn’t stop there as they made their final visit to the property on the same day.

Mr Abrahams told how the victim was sat on his sofa when he heard the door which he believed to be his nephew who had went to the shop.

Teesside Crown Court heard how three men walked in with knives – two identified as Atkinson and Richardson – stating: “Give me your money or I’ll stab you.”

After obtaining the bank card, Richardson demanded: “Give me the f***ing pin”, then adding: “It better be right or I’ll come back and kill you”.

Richardson, of Shafto Street, Newcastle, provided a no comment interview.

However, CCTV footage showed the men at the home and running away from the scene.

The court heard Atkinson, of Southwell Court, central Middlesbrough[315], had 12 previous convictions including possession of a knife in 2016 and aggravated burglary in 2017 for which he received a five-year jail term.

He was still on licence when he committed the latest offence.

He was sentenced to nine years and 10 months’ imprisonment.[316]

Richardson was jailed for seven years.

Jamie Taylor

A burglar who was found sleeping after breaking into a woman’s home and had cannabis hidden in his private parts was jailed.

The victim came downstairs in the morning to find Jamie Taylor, 32, lying on the floor asleep of her home in Gresham, Middlesbrough[317] in May.

Emma Atkinson, prosecuting, told Teesside Crown court:

“He lied to the police. He claimed he was running from people and hiding inside the house.

“He admitted he had climbed through the window.”

Ms Atkinson said he claimed he was visiting his girlfriend in Grove Hill, but the officer knew that was around 20 minutes away on foot.

He then he then said she lived at Henry Street, which the officer knew wasn’t in the Gresham location.

She said: “He gave false details and was taken to custody where cannabis was found.”

Ms Atkinson said that the drug had been hidden in his private parts.

She said: “Officers asked him to remove it from there and he admitted it was ‘a bit of green’.”

A few days, after being granted bail, the defendant committed another burglary in the town.

Ms Atkinson said he targeted a home occupied by male asylum seekers.

Officers attended and found Taylor in possession of crack cocaine.

She said that he was put into the back of a police van, here he was found to be in possession of an eight inch knife.

Tylor, of Peaton Street, North Ormesby[318], Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary, possession of a controlled drug class A, possession of a controlled drug class B and having an article with a blade or point.

He was jailed for three years.[319]

Matthew Brady

Matthew Thomas BradyMatthew Thomas Brady

Paul Normington

A kickboxer’s “high-speed road rage” which led to his victim suffering a fractured jaw in an unprovoked assault has put him behind bars.

Matthew Thomas Brady threw a “champagne shaped bottle” out of his car window as he pursued the victim along the A66[320] at 70 to 80mph.

When the victim reached the Dogs Trust Darlington to find help, the 21-year-old dad “punched him several times causing him to fall to the floor” on January 3, last year.

The attacker then delivered a “massive blow to the head” by kicking the fisherman resulting him fracturing his jaw.

The 13-minute incident of “crass stupidity” has left the victim suffering flashbacks and anxiety.

Brady admitted dangerous driving and grievous bodily harm[321] on April 19.

The Norton[322] dad-of-one appeared in the dock at Teesside Crown Court[323] for sentencing.

The victim recalled a “massive blow to the head” then woke up in an ambulance being transported to Darlington Memorial Hospital[324].

The court heard how the victim had an enjoyable day fishing before the incident which still ‘haunts him’.

In a victim impact statement, he said the attack has affected him “financially, mentally and physically”.

Brady, of Windmill Terrace, Norton, had no previous convictions, the court heard.

Recorder Simon Jackson QC said Brady was involved in a “persistent pursuit of aggressive driving” and outlined he had “experience and expertise in martial arts”.

He told how the “high speed road rage” led to “serious violence” branding it “crass stupidity”.

Before sentencing, he spoke directly to Brady stating he was “looking for violence” and will “now pay the consequence”.

The judge jailed Brady for 22 months[325], with a six month concurrent sentence for dangerous driving, and disqualified him from driving for 23 months.

He was also ordered to pay the victim £2,000 compensation.

Matthew Dudding, Paul Dudding and Daniel Whitley

Matthew Dudding, Paul Dudding and Daniel Whitley were jailed at Teesside Crown CourtMatthew Dudding, Paul Dudding and Daniel Whitley were jailed at Teesside Crown Court

Stuart Henderson was jailed for over five years for carrying out a sexual assault on a child

A trio of dodgy fish salesmen who preyed on vulnerable, elderly victims “like wolves” are behind bars.

The mobile fish sellers who defrauded and knowingly misled their customers out of an estimated £325,000 were sentenced to a combined total of eight years in jail at Teesside Crown Court.[326]

Between November 2016 and June 2019, Matthew Dudding, 32, Paul Dudding, 60, and Daniel Whitley, 44, used aggressive sales tactics to pressure more than 100 elderly victims into purchasing excessive quantities of poor quality fish at exorbitant prices.

The three fraudsters deliberately targeted vulnerable and older people, including people with serious health conditions, in the callous belief they were less likely to question the sale or complain.

Some victims felt threatened in their own home if they challenged the price of the fish or couldn’t afford to pay.

A 90-year-old victim described feeling bullied and pressurised into purchasing a large volume of fish, after one of the fraudsters entered her home uninvited.

Despite agreeing to pay £56, she was charged £156 without her knowledge in a wicked offence.

The experience has left her feeling vulnerable.

A significant amount of the produce sold by the trio was such poor quality that it was unfit for human consumption.

One victim became unwell with vomiting and sickness within a few hours of eating the fish supplied by the defendants.

Matthew Dudding, the principal financial beneficiary of the fraud, pleaded guilty to fraudulent trading, and was sentenced to 5 years, 11 months and 2 weeks in prison.[327]

Paul Dudding and Daniel Whitley both pleaded guilty to contravening professional diligence, contrary to consumer protection legislation, and were sentenced to 13 months each.

John McElvaney

John McElvaneyJohn McElvaney

Stefan Geary -Credit:Cleveland Police

A convicted drug dealer is back behind bars this time for an early-morning armed robbery and driving offences.

The 28-year-old targeted a lone female worker at an off licence in Dormanstown on September 21, last year.

Armed with a hammer, McElvaney demanded cash and coins, to the value of £130, before fleeing the Farndale Off Licence[328] with a bottle of Echo Falls wine.

But after being arrested by officers, it was revealed the Grangetown[329] man was on court bail for a set of driving offences.

The cocaine and cannabis-fuelled driver led police on a high speed chase and at one point went “the wrong way around the roundabout”.

He had previously pleaded guilty to armed robbery[330] and offensive weapon, but also admitted to driving a Fiat Punto with no insurance and no licence before sentencing.

McElvaney, of Tennyson Avenue, Grangetown, had 17 convictions for 35 offences and had previously served “significant sentences” for possessing class A drugs[331].

Judge Tim Stead sentenced him to four-and-a-half years in prison[332] and disqualified him from driving for four-and-a-half years.

As he left the video link, McElvaney said: “I’m definitely appealing that one like, I’m appealing that.”

Anthony Beckett

Cleveland Police picture of Anthony Beckett, jailed for 10 years at Teesside Crown Court for attempted murderCleveland Police picture of Anthony Beckett, jailed for 10 years at Teesside Crown Court for attempted murder

Nathan Anthony Myers (left) and Scott Paul Myers (right) carried out the horrifying attack outside the Linthorpe Road McDonald’s

A cannabis user who smashed his pregnant partner over the head with a hammer and tried to drown her in the bath is behind bars.

Anthony Beckett, 33, launched the murderous attack after becoming obsessed with theories around political events like the US election and believing “the Chinese” were coming for him.

Teesside Crown Court[333] heard how Beckett believed “the great reset” was on the way on January 20 and he had “discussed the need to kill the family”.

Prosecutor Jo Kidd said it was that evening when the victim was washing her hair in the bath at her Middlesbrough[334] home.

Ms Kidd said: “She put her hair back under the water and her head under the water to rinse it, Anthony Beckett came into the bathroom.

“He hit her head using a hammer to her skull.”

He then “put his hands around her throat and started to drown her.”

The court heard how she screamed for help from a window before running downstairs and spilling out into the street injured and naked.

A police[335] search of the house unearthed a dagger, machete and homemade noose.

The victim suffered a wound and bruising to her head.

Beckett told the police he had asked his partner if she would die “before the Chinese arrived”.

Beckett, of Alnwick Court, Middlesbrough[336], who sobbed throughout the court case as he appeared over a prison video link, was jailed for 10 years[337] by judge Her Honour Penelope Moreland.

Vicky Raisbeck and Glen Sweeney

Three thugs launched a vicious street attack on Good Samaritan after he tried to help a girl in “distress” were sentenced.

Vicky Raisbeck, her sister Skye Moore and Glen Sweeney chased Stephen Kelsey down Redcar High Street[338] before savagely beating him.

Teesside Crown Court[339] heard how the 63-year-old dad was punched and kicked as he lay unconscious on the ground in March 2019.

He was left in a bloody state with a fractured eye socket and a deep wound to his right eye brow which exposed his bone.

Nick Dry, prosecuting, said the victim had been for a drink and had came across a group of four or five young people in dispute.

He said that Mr Kelsey believed one of the females looked like she was in distress and was in need of assistance.

Mr Dry said: “He had a word with the group to assist the young woman.”

He said it quickly transpired the group and the young woman were all together and they quickly turned to calling him a “paedo”.

Mr Dry said that Mr Kelsey left the scene as he feared an attack but Raisbeck, 32, Sweeney, 32, and Moore, 19 chased after him.

He said that a woman, who witnessed the incident, saw Sweeney throw a punch at Mr Kelsey, which she described as a “right whack”.

Mr Dry said the victim fell to the ground where he was kicked and punched to the head and body by all three defendants.

Following the attack, Raisbeck, Sweeney and Moore were charged with grievous bodily harm with intent[340].

Raisbeck, of Suggitt Street, Hartlepool, and Sweeney, of Westmoreland Road, Redcar, entered guilty pleas to a lesser charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Moore, of Suggitt Street, Hartlepool, admitted a lesser charge of affray.

Recorder Haslam QC sentenced Raisbeck and Sweeney to two years behind bars.[341]

Moore was handed a 12 month prison sentence suspended for two years with 15 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

Kenneth Cooper

A dad inundated his ex-partner with more than 800 text messages was locked up.

Kenneth Cooper was handed a restraining order against the “petrified” woman six years ago.

However that didn’t stop the 52-year-old from contacting the victim up to 40 times a day when he was released from prison.

Teesside Crown Court[342] heard how he made contact with her the same day he was released on licence from a previous custodial sentence.

Martin Towers, prosecuting, told the court: “She received up to 40 text messages a day from him.

“Messages tended to start at 8 o’clock in the morning and would continue until about nine or 10 o’clock at night.”

He said the victim reported him to police after receiving 881 messages between December 31 2019 and January 27 last year.

The court heard how he was previously jailed for 16 months in August 2019 for breaching the restraining order.

The defendant, of Cornhill Walk, Middlesbrough[343], pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order and harassment.

Recorder Dallas sentenced Cooper to 28 months behind bars.[344]

Billy Joe Clarke

Billy Joe ClarkeBilly Joe Clarke

Leigh Pear, 39, from Hartlepool, jailed for 14 years for two counts of rape -Credit:Cleveland Police

A robber who threatened a shop worker with a knife and demanded cash is behind bars.

Following an investigation by Stockton[345] CID Officers, Billy Joe Clarke, 21, was sentenced to four years and seven months in prison[346].

He pleaded guilty to the robbery which occurred at Best One store on Vulcan Way in Thornaby[347] on August 13 last year.

Clarke, of Yarm Road, Stockton, entered the store, threatened the shop worker with a knife and demanded she hand over cash.

He took £200 and left.

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