North Ayrshire: New speed camera on A760 in Kilbirnie | Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald

Operators Safety Cameras Scotland (SCS) announced they would begin enforcement on Stoneyholm Road in Kilbirnie “due to a concerning numbers of injury collision on this stretch of road as a result of speeding”.

They say that the device has been placed on the northbound side of the A760 road towards Lochwinnoch, around its junction with Dipple Road, to encourage motorists to lower their speeds in an effort to reduce road casualties.

The camera is placed within the 30mph section of the road. around 300 metres before the beginning of the national speed limit section of the A760, which connects Kilbirnie with the A737 towards Glasgow, begins.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: A new speed camera is to begin operations in Kilbirnie.

SCS explained that the location was highlighted for the camera as a result of eight “injury collisions” over a four-year period. Further speed surveys showed that over 47 per cent of traffic was travelling above the 30mph speed limit.

In addition to this, they say that numerous concerns relating to speeding at this location have been raised by the local community with North Ayrshire Council and Police Scotland in recent years.

North Ayrshire Council have previously introduced additional road signage and road markings in a bid to remedy the issues, however this has not proved successful.

As the camera begins operation Alan Bowater, west safety camera manager, is reminding road users that this is only in place to increase safety on the road.

He said: “Drivers should be reminded that wherever you see one of our cameras it’s indicating that this area has a history of speed related collisions.

“People have been seriously injured or killed because of speeding.

“Driving can be unpredictable, but you can make a choice to reduce your speed and make the roads safer for everyone.

“The camera on Stoneyholm Road should influence drivers to make better decisions regarding their speed, for the safety of all road users.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council added: “North Ayrshire Council support the installation of a fixed speed camera on Stoneyholm Road, Kilbirnie. 

“The installation will play a key role in enhancing road safety, providing a safer environment to the benefit of the local community.”