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Speeding is one of the largest contributing factors to collisions on Welsh roads according to GoSafe – a partnership made up of authorities including the Welsh Government and Wales emergency services.

Not only is it dangerous but it can land you a fine and three points on your licence. 

The minimum penalty[1] for speeding is a £100 fine and three penalty points added to your licence.

What can fail an MOT test?

In certain circumstances, drivers will be eligible to attend a Driver Education Course, which will incur a cost, but you will not have penalty points added to your licence.

The GoSafe partnership aims to “make people safer on Welsh Roads by reducing casualties and saving lives”.

So to keep drivers safe and reduce speeding, GoSafe has mapped the location of every single mobile speed camera set to be active in Wales in May 2024.

20mph speed cameras in Pembrokeshire

Speed limits on residential roads across Wales were reduced to 20mph from 30mph in September (2023) in an attempt to make streets safer and reduce the number of collisions and severe injuries.

An “engagement first” approach was initially taken when it came to drivers caught over the speed limit in 20mph areas. 

But now after a six-month “grace period” enforcement of the 20mph[2] speed limit has begun across Wales (starting on March 18).

There are a host of “enforcement sites” located across Wales where mobile and fixed speed cameras will be used to monitor the new speed limit.

The location of these 20mph speed cameras in Pembrokeshire can be seen here[3].

Transport Secretary @KenSkatesMS[4] has set out a three-phase plan to deliver targeted change to the implementation of 20mph.

The plan includes:

• A listening programme• Working in partnership• Delivering necessary changes.#ListeningOn20mphhttps://t.co/YnGvSOL7fJ pic.twitter.com/vhtBB1qOc0[5][6][7]

— Welsh Government Transport (@WGTransport) April 23, 2024[8]

But the 20mph speed limit may be short-lived with Welsh transport minister, Ken Skates, revealing last month (April 2024) that the government would be revising its guidance to councils on the new 20mph speed limit.

This could mean the new 20mph speed limit on some Welsh roads could be changed back to 30mph before the end of 2024.

Full list of mobile speed cameras in Pembrokeshire in May 2024

Motorists will need to also keep an eye out for a host of other mobile speed cameras set up across Pembrokeshire including in Haverfordwest and Pembroke.


According to the GoSafe[9] safety camera location search map, these are the locations where you will find mobile speed cameras in Pembrokeshire in May 2024:

  • B4546 – The Moorings, St Dogmaels (speed limit: 20mph)
  • B4546 – St Dogmaels Road, St Dogmaels (20mph)
  • A487 – Eglwyswrw (30mph)
  • Ysgol Glan Cleddau (20mph)
  • Johnston Community Primary School (20mph)
  • A4076 – Steynton Road (near school) (30mph)
  • Monkton Primary School (20mph)
  • Penrhyn Church in Wales VC School (20mph)
  • Stepaside School, Kilgetty (20mph)
  • A477 – Llanteg (40mph)
  • Tavernspite Community Primary School (20mph)

To see the full map including the location of fixed cameras, red light cameras, speed on green cameras and average speed cameras, visit the GoSafe website.


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