Staffordshire truckstops to get £545k taxpayers’ cash as 100 lorries in lay-bys

More than half a million pounds of taxpayers’ money us going towards improving facilities for lorry drivers at four truckstops in Staffordshire. More parking spaces, better welfare facilities and improved security will be among the improvements made as part of a national scheme.

The government is providing £6 million for works to 38 truckstops across England, with a further £10.5 million coming from industry. The Staffordshire truckstops benefiting from the scheme are Central Garages, off the A34 at Meaford, The Hollies Truckstop at Cannock and the Moto service stations at Stafford North and Tamworth.

The improvements at Central Garages are set to cost £157,257 overall, with the government providing £78,629. This will pay for a new shower and toilet block, an increase in parking spaces from 12 to 30, and works to entrance driveway.

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Richard Morrin, owner of Central Garages, said: “This is work we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. We currently have shower and facilities for overnight parkers and staff, but they’re not really adequate. This is a quiet area and drivers like to come here, but the facilities aren’t up to standard.

“This money will allow us to provide an increased and better site for overnight parkers. These people can be away from their homes for a week, so they need secure places where they can have their rest and a hot shower.

“When new warehouses and industrial estates are built, they never seem to think about where all the lorries will park. Truck theft is on the increase and I once drove from Junction 16 to Junction 15 and counted over 100 lorries parked up over night in lay-bys.”

The works at Stafford North services will see £805,000 of improvements across several areas, out of which the government is providing £315,000. The scheme at The Hollies, which will focus on decarbonisation, will cost £243,470, with the taxpayer contributing £121,735. And the works at Tamworth services, which will include security improvements and decarbonsation, will cost £59,400, out of which the government will pay £29,700.

Ministers say the national investment will boost the economy by supporting new jobs in the haulage industry, while also tackling the issue of HGVs parking on local roads, with 430 new lorry parking spaces set to be created. They also say that the investment will help the industry decarbonise, as improvement will include the provision of electric HGV charging points at some locations.

Roads minister Guy Opperman said: “Lorry drivers in Stoke, Staffordshire and the West Midlands are the backbone of the local economy, ensuring everyone across the West Midlands can get their parcels delivered, have supermarket shelves stocked, and delivering medical supplies to the local hospital.

“Our crucial investment will make a huge difference for lorry drivers and residents across Stoke, Staffordshire and the West Midlands, bringing more secure rest areas to sleep with greater peace of mind, improved parking so large trucks no longer clog up local roads and better welfare to enjoy a hearty meal and a warm shower.”

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