The 15 speed cameras that caught the most drivers in South Gloucestershire

Avon and Somerset Police data has revealed the 15 speed camera locations that detected the most speeders between January 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024. 

The data, which comes from a Freedom of Information request submitted by the Gazette, shows the area’s busiest speed camera sits on the A4174 at Bromley Heath.

Approximately 2,123 drivers were caught speeding on the carriageway and subsequently prosecuted by police breaking the 50mph limit. 

One motorist was even caught driving at 100mph, which has been described by officials as “irresponsible” and “extremely concerning”. 

The same data has also revealed the majority of drivers were caught speeding in Bromley Heath, Filton and Patchway. 

In South Gloucestershire, officers operate approximately 187 speed cameras, including 12 fixed sites, 172 mobile sites, and three red light cameras. 

Police say all speeding drivers caught were also all prosecuted.

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three penalty points.

West of England mayor Dan Norris said: “Most South Gloucestershire residents are safe and respectful drivers who care about other road users: in cars, on bikes or on foot.

“Unfortunately there will always be a tiny minority who do dangerous things like speed at 100mph.

“Those irresponsible drivers willing to gamble like that when behind the wheel should think again.”

Speeding data is “extremely concerning” says police inspector

Chief inspector Robert Cheeseman, the force’s head of roads policing, said: “Speed limits are in place to keep our roads safe for everyone, and the statistics we are currently seeing in relation to speeding offences are extremely concerning.

“Excess speed is one of the ‘Fatal Five’ factors that dramatically increase a motorist’s likelihood of being involved in a fatal or serious injury collision, alongside drink/drug driving, careless driving, using a mobile phone at the wheel and not wearing a seatbelt. 

“Travelling at higher speeds increases the distance it takes to stop and can increase the severity of a collision, the risk of loss of life and the extent of serious injury.

He added: “Through education and enforcement, we are working to raise awareness of the Fatal Five and encourage behaviour change to prevent serious injury and fatal collisions on our roads. 

“Our enforcement strategy is data-driven, targeting areas of concern identified through speed and collision data analysis and community intelligence. 

“We remain committed to targeting road users who pose the greatest risk to others on the roads.”

Where are the speeding hotspots in South Gloucestershire?

South Gloucestershire’s 15 most prolific speed cameras 

1) A4174 Bromley Heath

Number of offences detected: 2,123

Speed limit: 50mph 

Highest speed recorded: 100mph 

2) A38 Gloucester Rd North (SB) jct Gayner Rd

Number of offences detected: 1,418

Speed limit: 30mph

Highest speed recorded: 70mph

3) B4057 Winterbourne Road 

Number of offences detected: 909

Speed limit: 40mph

Highest speed recorded: 83mph 

4) A4174 Avon Ring Road, Emersons Green

Number of offences detected: 805

Speed limit: 50mph

Highest speed recorded: 88mph

5) B4057 Winterbourne Road

Number of offences detected: 418

Speed limit: 30mph

Highest speed recorded: 65mph

6) Syston Way, nr jct New Cheltenham Rd/Northend Rd

Number of offences detected: 348

Speed limit: 30mph

Highest speed recorded: 93mph

7) B4058 Bristol Rd, Cromhall

Number of offences detected: 332

Speed limit: 30mph

Highest speed recorded: 52mph

8) A420 Hill St, nr jct Fairview Rd

Number of offences detected: 293

Speed limit: 30mph

Highest speed recorded: 85mph 

9) A4174 Station Rd (WB), nr jct A4174 Link Rd

Number of offences detected: 291

Speed limit: 40mph

Highest speed recorded: 80mph

10) A38 Gloucester Rd (NB), nr Patchway Roundabout

Number of offences detected: 277

Speed limit: 40mph

Highest speed recorded: 93mph

Gazette Series: 164 drivers were caught breaking the 30mph limit on Badminton Road, Old Sodbury - the fastest motorist was caught at 49mph164 drivers were caught breaking the 30mph limit on Badminton Road, Old Sodbury – the fastest motorist was caught at 49mph (Image: Newsquest / Google)

11) A4174 Station Rd (EB), nr jct A4174 Link Rd

Number of offences detected: 211

Speed limit: 40mph

Highest speed recorded: 85mph 

12) Badminton Rd, Old Sodbury

Number of offences detected: 164

Speed limit: 30mph

Highest speed recorded: 49mph 

13) A46 Dunkirk

Number of offences detected: 169

Speed limit: 40mph

Highest speed recorded: 68mph

14) B4058 Bristol Road, Winterbourne

Number of offences detected: 149

Speed limit: 30mph

Highest speed recorded: 47mph

15) Marshfield Rd

Number of offences detected: 113

Speed limit: 30mph

Highest speed recorded: 54mph