The exact number of speed cameras in Scotland revealed – and where are the most

Safety Cameras Scotland (SCS) lists the locations and numbers of all 493 speed cameras across the country.

According to the online database, there are 50 speed cameras around the greater Glasgow area, 38 in Edinburgh, and 10 in Aberdeen.

Although most speed cameras are in the densely populated central belt area, there are still some up north, and on the popular NC 500 route.

The most northernly out of all the speed cameras in Scotland, which makes it the most northern camera in the UK, is located on the A9 Stainland Straight just outside the coastal village Thurso.

There are also cameras in the Northwest of the country as there are four around Portee on the Isle of Skye.

Other popular tourist spots with cameras include the A82 going through Glencoe and Fort William, the A9 going through Golspie, and the A835 near Ullapool.

Galashiels is one of the most densely populated areas for speed cameras which isn’t a city with 17 around the town.

The A1 between Dunbar and Eyemouth also has a considerable number with 13.

On the site, SCS explains some areas may have more cameras than others as a stretch of road could have been identified to have a history of collisions where speed or red-light running is an issue.

If motorists are caught breaking the speed limit by one of the cameras, they could face a minimum of £100 fine and three points on their licence.


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