The Mancunian Way: The hidden vloggers profiting off Manchester’s women


Viral videos of women unknowingly filmed while on nights out in Manchester have captured the attention of millions of people. The ‘Manchester nightlife’ trend has been seen across social media for the last two years, and started a debate over the ethics of filming people in public without their consent.

Now, an Manchester Evening News investigation has found ‘Manchester nightlife’ vloggers are following women, taking close-up shots of their bodies, and even exposing them partially nude online, for profit. One such account on subscriber platform Patreon charged £13 per month for ‘exclusive’ footage the creator was unable to put on other social media sites.

Greater Manchester Police has said they are ‘assessing’ a Patreon account charging subscribers for ‘exclusive’ videos of women on nights out in Manchester

Several clips seen by the M.E.N show women being followed as they walk in the Deansgate[1] and Peter Street area. In one clip, a woman’s full breast is exposed and filmed in slow motion as it slips from her top.

The account is a disturbing development of the viral trend, showing over 15 minutes worth of footage of women being followed and their bodies being zoomed in on as they walk or sit down in Manchester’s busiest nightlife district. All the women appear to be unaware they are being filmed.

In several clips, the cameraman appears to purposefully film and focus on women’s bottoms or breasts that have been exposed as clothing rides up or slips down. These clips are uploaded in slow motion.

Greater Manchester Police[2] told the M.E.N they are now ‘assessing’ the profile, which appears to be linked to a YouTube account with 28,000 subscribers.

Patreon removed the account for violating their guidelines around consent after the M.E.N approached them for comment. A Patreon spokesperson said: “We take our role in keeping the community safe very seriously. Patreon has zero tolerance for works featuring non-consensual intimate imagery, and will remove accounts found to be in violation of this policy.

“Creators and fans are empowered to express themselves on Patreon, though not at the expense of anyone’s safety or privacy.”

You can read the full story here[3].

Fowl play

It’s sad news for the chicken-lovers of Manchester today as viral TikTok sensation Miami Crispy has been ordered to close its second site after opening without the correct planning permission.

The TikTok famous business has achieved cult status for its spicy chicken burgers, and recently expanded into Chorlton[4].

Miami Crispy in Cholrton has been ordered to close

But the second branch was only open for three weeks before council workers swooped and shut the doors, issuing a temporary stop notice on the shop, which prevents it from opening until June 21.

The town hall says Miami Crispy did not have the ‘necessary planning permissions in place’. Miami Crispy bosses say they were told they could open their doors on Manchester Road, only to have fallen foul of a ‘change in planning law’.

If this is gutting news to you, have no fear – the business is now looking to reopen with a more suitable plan for the premises. They told the Manchester Evening News they will be operating from the new site as an eat in restaurant.

“Seating will be increased from 10 to over 30 for our customers,” they added. “A new takeaway site is opening soon nearby. We are a family who have lived in Chorlton since the 1960s and have worked closely with our local residents and will continue to do so.”

Miami Crispy’s Burnage site, which propelled them to internet stardom, remains open. After a series of glowing reviews on social media, the Lane End Road takeaway became a huge hit with people travelling far and wide for a taste.

But those living nearby have previously raised concerns over long queues, parking issues and rubbish left on the streets after people have had their fried chicken fix.

The council said it was monitoring the new takeaway’s impact ‘on the local area and residents’, to ensure issues including noise, litter and people blocking the new Manchester Road cycle lane with their cars are dealt with.

You can read the full story from Tom George and Ste Topping here[5].

Kersal Dale victim named

It has been a huge few days in the Kersal Dale investigation after two men appeared in court charged with murder yesterday.

Today, their alleged victim has been named as Stuart Everett. The 67-year-old is said to have resided in the local area, and his family are being supported by specialist officers.

Stuart Everett has been named as the Kersal Dale murder victim

The murder probe was launched by Greater Manchester Police on April 4 after body parts were found at Kersal Dale. Further remains were then uncovered at Blackleach Reservoir and Colliery Wood over this weekend.

Yesterday morning (April 29), more suspected human remains were uncovered in an alleyway close to the railway lines off Worsley[6] Road in Winton.

“In the last 48 hours they [Mr Everett’s family] have heard the most devastating news that anyone could hear, and our thoughts remain with them as they begin to process this”, a spokesperson for GMP said in a statement.

The force added: “Our fast-moving investigation has rapidly progressed over the last three days, and throughout the investigation, we have seen many resources deployed to Salford[7]. The resources will continue to be deployed as we look to recover more evidence and build a fuller picture of the circumstances that led to our victim’s death.

“The remains found at the other three locations in Salford are still to be tested, but we are confident they belong to the same victim.”

Michal Jaroslaw Polchowski, 68, and Marcin Majerkiewicz, 42, have been charged with murder. The pair, both of Worsley Road, Eccles, appeared at Tameside Magistrates’ Court yesterday. You can

Floating pizza

A narrowboat-turned-café serving up good quality Neapolitan pizza whilst offering beautiful canal side views is to appear on a new Channel 4 series this week.

The Waltzing Matilda Boat pizzas outside Bollington

The Waltzing Matilda is a floating eatery usually found in different locations along the Macclesfield[11] Canal between Stockport[12] and Cheshire.

Serving up wood-fired pizzas, alongside a selection of cakes, hot drinks, and milkshakes, the unique dining experience has attracted a loyal crowd of devoted customers.

Now, owners father-and-son duo Paul and Chris Edwards have appeared on new Channel 4 daytime series Narrow Escapes, featuring on last night’s programme.

The 20-part series follows the lives of people who have swapped their homes for a life on the water – from ‘bobbing businesses to continuous cruisers’. It aims to divulge into the realities of canal life – from following the rules and costs of owning a narrow boat to throwing parties and making new friends.

You can find out more about the Waltzing Matilda’s story, and Narrow Escapes, here[13].

Eye-poppingly busy

When Emma Gill went to try Manchester’s newest branch of the American chicken restaurant Popeyes, she knew it would be busy.

What she wasn’t expecting was for the drive-thru queue to be stretching right down Bury[14] New Road and for the restaurant to be so packed, they wouldn’t let her in.

Emma Gill went to the new Popeyes

But when she finally got in, she did find the chicken was different to that at every other fast food restaurant.

“The coating on the chicken itself is like nothing we’ve had at other fast food restaurants before,” she wrote. “It’s crispy, but light, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture to the coating and with a certain level of sweetness to it that makes it quite unique.”

But was it worth the wait? You can find out here[15].

Weather etc

Wednesday: Sunny intervals changing to cloudy by late morning. 18C.

Trains: Buses run instead of trains on Transpennine Express between Sheffield and Manchester Piccadilly due to engineering works.

Manchester headlines

  • ‘I hate you’: Two children who lay by their dying mother after she was brutally stabbed by her jealous ex-partner who had stalked her for months have spoken of their pain. More here[16].

  • M67 crash: A five-year-old boy has been left with life-threatening injuries after a crash between a car and a HGV on the M67 motorway in Tameside. More here[17].

  • Suspension lifted: A party suspension imposed on a Liberal Democrat local election candidate in Rochdale after she was endorsed by the town’s MP George Galloway has been lifted. More here[18].

Worth a read

A young mum whose life was suddenly turned upside down is now fighting for somewhere safe to raise her daughter.

Young mum, Abbey, 20, and her baby, have now been deemed voluntarily homeless

Abbey says she has been left homeless after refusing to live in a ‘filthy’ flat following a no-fault eviction. You can read the full piece from Ste Topping here[19].


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