Face of Coventry dad-of-six who killed woman on way to Birmingham Airport

Police have released the mugshot of a Coventry[1] dad-of-six who caused the death of a woman on the M42[2] by driving at 115mph. Mohammed Asif crashed his Audi Q7 into the back of a Škoda near Birmingham Airport[3].

Marzena Kaczorowska had been a passenger in the Škoda and was on her way to Birmingham Airport[4]. She was due to fly to her native Poland to see her family for the first time in more than a year, reports BirminghamLive[5].

Ms Kaczorowska tragically died from catastrophic head and chest injuries. Asif had been heading home to Coventry[6] but had no reason to be in a rush, Birmingham Crown Court[7] heard.

Six months after the incident 47-year-old Asif was caught drink-driving, Birmingham Crown Court[9] heard. He was sentenced to nine years in jail and banned from the roads for ten years after admitting to causing death by dangerous driving.

Footage from another motorist showed Asif overtake him at speed on the M42[10]. He repeatedly exclaimed: ‘Oh s***’ as the crash occurred moments later, Birmingham Crown Court[11] heard. It happened at around 2.50am on September 3, 2022.

Asif collided with the Škoda at such speed that his Audi flipped onto its roof, Birmingham Crown Court[12] heard. Ms Kaczorowska was being driven from her home in Worcestershire to Birmingham Airport[13] by her partner of over 21 years Wlodzimierz Najmul.

Mr Najmul said: “On the day of the collision, I was taking Marzena to Birmingham Airport[14] to see her family in Poland, which was extremely exciting for her. She had not seen them for a year and they missed each other very much. Seeing her family brought a great deal of happiness.”

He continued: “It is a journey that changed my life forever. Out of nowhere, we were struck by a speeding car, the medical staff worked hard to stabilise Marzena in hospital for 14 days before her body could no longer fight. Her injuries were too severe.

“I was there to watch her die as her life support was switched off. Nobody should have to see this.”

Asif had been out with a female friend and dropped her off at her home in Birmingham[15] before returning to his own address in Coventry[16] via the M42[17]. Six months later on March 12 last year, the 47-year-old crashed his BMW[18] into two parked cars, Birmingham Crown Court[19] heard.

Prosecutor Tom Walkling said Asif showed a ‘callous disregard for the safety of others’ in relation to his driving on the M42[20]. He added that the 47-year-old had ‘failed to learn the lessons’ of the fatal crash by drink-driving a few months later, Birmingham Crown Court[21] heard.

Defending Antonie Muller stated that his client had a ‘limited memory’ of the incident on the M42[22]. He suggested Asif could have been undecided between slotting in behind the Škoda to exit at J6 or speeding up to overtake it as well as two HGVs.

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