Radio DJ Nihal Arthanayake involved in ‘terrifying’ crash with lorry and car

TV presenter and radio DJ Nihal Arthanayake said he has been involved in a “terrifying” crash[1] on a motorway.

Arthanayake said his wife and son were in the back seats when his car collided with another car, which had been hit by a lorry on the M60, which orbits Manchester.

In his post on X, formerly Twitter[2], the BBC Radio 5 Live[3] presenter said he “clung on to that steering wheel for dear life” in order to keep his car steady and avoid hitting the central reservation.

Arthanayake said he and his family “walked away” from the crash, and no one else was injured in the incident, which took place around 7pm on Wednesday.

A picture in the post showed the rear left wing of the radio DJ’s car hanging off, with a large dint above the wheel arch.

Nihal Arthanayake described the crash as ‘terrifying’ (PA Archive)Nihal Arthanayake described the crash as ‘terrifying’ (PA Archive)

Nihal Arthanayake described the crash as ‘terrifying’ (PA Archive)

Famous followers, including poet and podcast presenter, George the Poet, Labour MP Dawn Butler[4], and TV historian David Olusoga[5], were quick to wish Arthanayake well after the incident.

In a follow-up post, Arthanayake thanked people for the “kind messages” and said his wife had “a sore neck and back”.

He added: “I am physically OK but not sure about my mind. Woke up before 6am this morning with a different version of the car crash we were involved in yesterday.”

Two hours ago a lorry hit a car which hit me on the M60. I clung onto that steering wheel for dear life to try and keep the car steady and not hit the central reservation. Wife next to me and son in the back. Terrifying.[6]

— Nihal Arthanayake (@TherealNihal) June 25, 2024[7]

He said the car that had been hit by the lorry, and then collided with his car, was driven by a 22-year-old woman who was “fine”.

Arthanayake also said he was looking forward to the “music, joy and creativity” of being at Glastonbury[8], and “no politics”.

Last month it was announced he will will leave his daytime show on BBC Radio 5 Live and front a new Sunday evening interview show for the station, as well as an extended podcast.


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