The names and faces of Surrey criminals locked up in May including man who stabbed brother

The hard work of police and courts in and around Surrey means a number of dangerous people were removed from the county’s streets in May and sentenced to time behind bars. This includes a drink and drug driver who caused a crash on the A3 near Guildford[1] while on the wrong side of the road.

Burglars and thieves, a murderer who was found guilty of stabbing his brother, and people convicted of abhorrent sexual offences have also been punished for their crimes.

SurreyLive has listed some of the most notable cases linked to the county that have seen criminals locked up. Details of each can be found below with links to full reports.

Man who filmed himself in stolen Mercedes guilty to multiple crimes

Billy Raddon
Billy Raddon

Billy Raddon, 22, from Sutton was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court (May 17) to nine years behind bars after he was linked to six crimes following an investigation into car thefts in Surrey. He pleaded guilty to multiple offences that included theft of a motor vehicle and robbery.

An investigation was launched on January 3 when a Range Rover, which had been stolen from Sutton, was stopped by Surrey’s Roads Policing Unit. The driver was arrested and it was quickly established they were being paid to transport the vehicle.

Raddon was identified as being involved as well as being involved in the theft of a motorcycle in London. Police attended an address in Morden and arrested Raddon.

A search found a safe with more than £3,000 in cash, keys, and white powder, which test results later showed to be cocaine. An electronic device believed to be used in relay thefts was also located.

Further investigation of Raddons phone linked him to a knife point robbery that occurred in Caterham[4] in December 2022. During this robbery, a Mercedes was stolen and videos on Raddons phone showed him inside the Mercedes as it was being driven towards Sutton, where the vehicle was eventually recovered. Raddon was eventually linked to six crimes. The full story can be read here[5].

Burglar who was rumbled after nicking van from West Byfleet vets

Roy Rabbetts

Roy Rabbetts, 41, of Hamilton Close, Feltham was sentenced to 19 and a half months imprisonment after pleading guilty to burglary at Kingston[6] Crown Court (May 10). This is after he was rumbled in an attempt to steal a van from a West Byfleet[7] vet.

Rabbetts is said to have entered the veterinary surgery where he told staff he was there to carry out work in the flat upstairs (October 18 2023). He later came down to the reception area and while staff were distracted stole a set of keys to one of the company vans. He was then seen driving off in the vehicle.

Staff at the vets later received a call from their Chertsey[8] branch to say the van had been seen driving dangerously through town and reversing into another vehicle. Police then received calls from staff at a garden centre in Cobham[9] that reported the van had been seen acting suspiciously in their car park.

CCTV from the garden centre showed the suspect, which was later confirmed to be Rabbetts via forensic evidence from the van. Rabbetts was arrested for burglary along with several other offences in Teddington on Monday, November 27 2023. The full story can be read here[10].

Man who killed brother after claiming he ‘walked into knife’

Danny Craze

Danny Craze, 36, from West Molesey[11] was sentenced (May 13) to a minimum of 18 years in prison after he killed his brother by stabbing him in the heart. The judgement came after a jury at Lewes Crown Court found him guilty of the murder of his 26-year-old brother, Louis Craze, following a 10-day trial.

The murder took place at an address on Bishop Fox Way in West Molesey in November 2023 and followed a verbal altercation. The postmortem concluded that Louis died from a single stab wound to the heart.

Danny attempted to argue during the trial that his brother walked into the knife that Danny was holding to protect himself. However, witness testimony, CCTV footage, and digital and forensic evidence proved that this was not the case. The full story and tributes to Louis can be read here[12].

Drink and drug driver who caused multi-vehicle A3 crash near Guildford

Shane Mackay was found lying on the front seat of his van, conscious but smelling of alcohol and slurring his speech
Shane Mackay was found lying on the front seat of his van, conscious but smelling of alcohol and slurring his speech

Shane Mackay, 36, from Farnham[13] was given a 16-month custodial sentence for dangerous driving after appearing at Guildford Crown Court (May 2). He was also sentenced to 13 weeks for drug driving to run concurrently and disqualified from driving for 51 months.

This was after a three-vehicle crash on the A3 near Guildford in which Mackay was found lying on the front seat of his van, conscious but smelling of alcohol and slurring his speech. He was found to be more than twice the drink drive and drug limit and drove on the wrong side of the road before crashing into two other vehicles.

The incident happened around 2.15am on a Sunday morning (December 2022) and police have said it was “sheer luck” nobody was killed or seriously injured. Mackay refused to provide a specimen of breath at the roadside but was arrested and his blood was tested instead.

He initially pleaded not guilty but later changed this to a guilty plea. The occupants of the other vehicles were able to climb from their cars prior to police arrival and received medical attention at the scene. Mackay was cut from his vehicle and taken to hospital with minor injuries. The full story can be read here[14].

Man jailed who assaulted elderly man ‘for fun’ in Redhill town centre

Scott McAndrew, 33, from London Road, Croydon has been jailed for three years after he ‘senselessly’ attacked an elderly man struggling outside a shop ‘for his own amusement’. The incident happened in Redhill[15] town centre and involved an elderly shopper in his 80s who was kicked over (October 12 2023).

CCTV shows him putting up his jacket hood to avoid being recognised before approaching the victim from behind and kicking him with such force he smacked face-down onto the concrete. McAndrew then quickly left the scene leaving other horrified shoppers to call for help.

The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance where it was found he had suffered broken ribs in the attack. Despite his attempts to hide his face, McAndrew was identified after a media release was issued asking for the public’s help.

Six people came forward and McAndrew was arrested after handing himself in. He was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court (May 9), after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm. The full story can be read here[16].

Sports therapist who sexually assaulted client in her own home

Jerry Okoye
Jerry Okoye

Jerry Okoye, 39, from Hornsey was sentenced to 27 months in prison at Guildford Crown Court (April 30). This was after he pleaded guilty to sexual assault by penetration and sexual assault by touching at an earlier hearing.

The sports therapist sexually assaulted one of his clients in a case in which she claimed the abuse ‘destroyed’ her and left her feeling unsafe. The victim said after the sentencing: “The impact that this assault has had on my life is unthinkable. He has destroyed a part of me I will never get back.”

The offence came to light after the victim’s partner called police in autumn 2023 to report the sexual assault, which had taken place that day at her address during a home visit from Okoye. The incident was captured on a camera located at the victim’s address which she had installed to keep an eye on her new puppy while she was out.

Okoye was arrested three days later and was subsequently charged and remanded in custody. Speaking after Okoye pleaded guilty, the victim of the sexual assault said she had initially felt that the assault was her fault.

Surrey Police’s Detective Constable Wood, who investigated the incident, said: “The fact that Okoye violated and took advantage of the victim in her own home in his position as her sports therapist is simply untenable. While the victim will have to live with the long-term impact for the rest of her life, I hope the fact that Okoye has been brought to justice for the offences he committed will help her to be able to move on with her life.” The full story can be read here[17].

Surrey burglar behind bars after targeting Woking and West Byfleet properties

Jesse Webb

Jesse Webb, 48, of Melrose Avenue, Mitcham was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court (May 28) to three years and four months behind bars for theft and burglary. This was after properties in West Byfleet and Woking[18] were targeted in February.

Webb was identified through CCTV and linked to a series of other offences. He was arrested at his home address and charged with burglary and theft, to which he pleaded guilty.

A property on Old Woking Road in West Byfleet was broken into via a back patio door (February 21) and a wallet and bank cards were stolen. A property on Heathside Road in Woking was targeted a week later (February 28) and bank cards were again stolen along with jewellery.

Investigating officer, PC Luke Lightburn, said: “Jesse Webb caused significant distress and financial loss to the victims he burgled. These were serious offences, committed with a disregard for the impact breaking into somebody’s home can have.”

Man who went on rampage across Surrey putting knife to taxi driver’s abdomen

Kieran Telfer, 28, of no fixed abode has been jailed for seven and a half years after a crime spree across Surrey in which he stole from people and threatened to stab a taxi driver. The sentence was handed out at Guildford Crown Court (May 15) in relation to counts of theft, fraud, and robbery offences that happened in September and October 2023. Tefler was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge.

The crimes happened over the course of a month, including in Horley[19], Redhill, and Leatherhead[20]. This included at the Job Centre in Redhill (September 2 2023) where Tefler stole a purse belonging to a member of staff from a handbag under her desk.

Two robberies were carried out in Leatherhead (October 23 and 28) in which taxi drivers were targeted and both threatened. Investigating officer, DC Hannah Simmonds, said: “Last autumn Telfer wreaked havoc across East Surrey, stealing from innocent, law-abiding people and putting several in fear of serious injury.”

Telfer was identified by a local officer and arrested (November 1) for robbery, theft, and fraud. While in police custody, Telfer refused to come out of his cell and be interviewed. He was charged (November 2) with two counts of robbery, one count of fraud by false representation, and one count of theft. The full story can be read here[21].

Guildford ‘monster’ jailed after ‘taking a child’s innocence away’

Roy Hunt
Roy Hunt subjected a child to repeated sexual assaults

Roy Hunt, 84, from Guildford has been sent to prison for eight years and given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order after he was found guilty of nine offences of sexual assault, sexual activity, and sexual assault by penetration. He was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court (May 24) after his trial concluded on March 22 2024.

The mother of the victim said: “Every child should be having play dates, going to the cinema, days at the beach and strolling through life without a care in the world. He took away a child’s innocence and for that he is a monster.”

The court heard how Hunt implored his victim to keep his crimes a secret, but in June 2021 the child was able to write a note to their mother a note explaining Hunt’s crimes. Detective Constable Claire Phillips, who investigated the case, said: “Firstly, I want to recognise the child’s strength during the investigation.

“Hunt being jailed for his abhorrent crimes is down to the evidence provided.” The full story can be read here[22].

Woking man who jumped into the air to deliver ‘flying kick’ to man’s head in Guildford street

Paulo Evaristo

Paulo Evaristo, 23, of Walton[23] Road, Woking was sentenced to 56 months in jail after he appeared at Guildford Crown Court (April 26). This followed an attack that took place on Onslow Street in Guildford in which he jumped into the air to deliver a flying kick to a man’s head in the street.

The incident happened in the early hours of December 10 2023. Evaristo was also handed a further four months for possessing false documentation that was found on him when he was arrested.

Evaristo was captured on CCTV “jumping into the air to launch a sudden violent kick to the head of his victim”, according to Surrey Police[24]. He followed the “flying kick” up with two punches as the man lay on the floor.

Evaristo was detained by a member of nightclub door staff nearby until police officers arrived on the scene. The full story can be read here[25].

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