‘Idiot’ Devon and Cornwall drivers caught on camera risking lives

New footage of “idiot” motorists risking their own and other people’s lives with dangerous overtakes and near misses has been released by police. The drivers were among several drivers caught on dashcam by members of the public who reported them to Devon and Cornwall Police’s Operation Snap[1] which has caught more than 2,000 drivers since its launch in 2019.

Snapshots include dangerous overtaking of vehicles and passing too closely to cyclists, as well as one driver who ran straight through a red light near Exeter[2]. The offences were committed across Devon and Cornwall and the Road Safety Team said each of the near misses could have “easily” resulted in a significant crash.

One motorist was caught on camera overtaking via the wrong side of the A361 North Devon[3] Link Road. They were charged with driving without due care and fined £1032 and given five penalty points. Meanwhile, a van driver on the M5[4] was given a £190 fine and three penalty points after being captured dangerously swerving on the M5 exit slip road at junction 29.