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A Ripley, Derbyshire based Chemical manufacturer are using their stocks of Alcohol based ingredients normally used to manufacture Vehicle Screenwash to offer a Vehicle Sanitising Kit.

Part of the Ecofleet Cleaning Solutions group, DIOMYX, based on Asher Lane Business Park near Pentrich, normally produce Screenwash and Bulk Commercial Vehicle Cleaning solutions for their Haulage Fleet clients, but a call from one of their oldest clients asking how they could help protect their drivers from the Corona Virus lead to the team at DIOMYX setting up a dedicated packing facility to produce the DIOMYX Cockpit Sanitising Kit.

Adrian Rollinson, the MD of Somercotes based White Peak Distribution said “We use Ecofleet for products like Screenwash in our Fleet of vehicles daily and we were always happy with the quality and service but we were being asked by our Drivers how they could sanitise their Cab interiors between swapping shifts and drivers” Adrian added “The drivers were going out and buying all sorts of different cleaners to protect themselves from cross-contamination so we knew we had to source an effective solution”


Although there is still great debate from leading Health Scientists, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), about how Covid-19 is spread, one of the clear facts that has been established that the Covid-19 Virus is killed by 65% Alcohol based solutions. This same Alcohol is used in many cleaners but in particular in Deep Clean Sanitising products used by Commercial Cleaning Contractors and also Hand Gel Sanitiser.

Albert Marrocco, MD at Ecofleet said “The same Commercial Alcohol used to kill Covid-19 is the same Alcohol we use in the manufacture of our Screenwash so it made sense to use our resources to make a cleaning solution available in smaller sprayer containers so Transport companies could give each of their Drivers a bottle to Sanitise their Cabs.”

“Because the Alcohol kills Germs and Bacteria” Albert added “it also takes away any cleaners and polishes previously used in the vehicle. It also has a very strong solvent odour and by its very nature, dries out surfaces.. its perfect for instant drying on Windscreens but is the reason why moisturisers are added in Hand Gel formulas.. with it the skin would just dry out”

So a 2nd stage manintenance product was added 500ml of their already established DIOMYX ‘One Clean Surface Clean & Polish’ to the Kit. Albert added “’One Clean’ not only rejuvenates the surfaces it also leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance in the Cab.. we have received many compliments on the effectiveness of the One Clean and the pleasant, fresh result in the Cab”

Packaged in a handy Zip bag, the basic DIOMYX Cockpit Sanitising comprises 70% Alcohol Sanitiser Spray (5% above the WHO recommendation), One Clean Maintenance Spray, 2 Washable Microfibre Cloths and an Anti-Bacterial Cloth.


After asking Drivers for feedback it became obvious that other products were needed as optional extras to the kit. Because a lot of the Services and Road Side Cafes & Eating establishments had to close due to the Pandemic, it was suggested that a Food Safe Sanitiser should also be added to the Kit .

DIOMYX Instant Hand Gel was also added to the Kit to make 4 ‘build your own kit’ options.

DIOMYX Sanitising Kits are available at http://www.diomyx.com

RELEASE DATE: 3rd May 2020

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